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(Scutor — 

2Feature& <Sc/itor& — 

<SaraA di/setA 

Maureen tTAomfesofi/ 
d)/a&& <§cu£or& — 

iJfiort& (Sectors — 
Ocatt (ja/An& 

7 or 

Introduction / 1 

«j%> fflaffened IA . . . 

AAt rcaAA// &eem&> Aarw to imayme 
anotAu'r scAoo///eae coeeane/ to- ay 
c/o&&. »/t& aee AoAi /hwA on tAieyrcir 
a/uA oAA of tAe tAunxj& tAuzt Auzoe/ 
Aaffenei/ to a/e/ are /off// aruA 
amteno; j^e/y sad and un&ett/ed. We 
are anyimn/i to face ariotAirr//ear 6tet> 
affreAen&ioe/ a/tout Axm/ny tAu& one; 
AeAuncA. £AA& tAunx}& tAat? AaffeneeA 
enaiA ax reoAze tAuir tn /ooA txHoarem 
neact/aeczr ate (Am not Aau& txr 
ooerA>oA tAax one. fyoAmc/ /meA , arc 
Anoae it/ Auz& been/ a/ oe^^KHA^ear-. 
We /meA tAzil oar memories/ are oef// 
fAcMnnt oam . ylrie// aiimffon^tmente/ 
arict f mi&taAe^ Auzoe fras&ecA, ane/a/Azzr 
use/ Auzoe /eft on/Ac a& i& ay story ofay 
terrfrc^ year aruA tAie memorie& of oAA 
tAuzt /uiffeneiA tee u& . 

'* 4 4 MA* 

On the morning of September 8th 
the busses arrived at K J H S at 
9:29. That's when it all began to 

<dAe year Aeguzsi/ mm/A an/ 
orientatiori } ftrogvxinvj^ neio- 
student®. £A7u& cdAococd tAe&& 
<s&ident& to LH&lt tA& Audduiy am/flnd 
tA& /x>catlart ' o/~tAeir L cda&zroom&<. SBat 
eoen/ cwt/is an/ an'entation, tAedirst/ 
c/a/fs o/~&cAool uxifr an/ eaferieric&Jor~ 

ad — oAd and new- &tudent&. 
Jlieetmy riew^frieaa& and seei/up cdd 
Jrt'encAs am& ^mme/Amy everyone Acid 
lOoAedJortvard to-. £TA&^eezr- coas/ 
aAead ofus/ at/ tAat point? and Att/& 
did toe/ Anow adiat/ asoidd /laftften to 


Introduction / 3 

4 / Introduction 

Surfing is a tradition at Virginia Beach. 

c Hltea tA& summer daus started to- 
arour coo/er ami sAorter, tth& realized 
tAat; scAool uhi&> aettiaa cAmtt ami our 
su^fwsedly lon^ summer a)as eoui/mje to 
amend. Oom& uteres etzcited ami laoAed/ 
f yorumrd ' ta reteurunep, lut otlers refused 
to learn tie lead. We all tried te> laid 
on to- tAose las^/ear dcu^s ^summer, 
tAuiAuup of tA& cold minier montA& 
oAead. We mould nus& ad of~tA& 
summer actuHtees/, umetAer it axis; 
mertuu£friemA& to- riak tA& trollop txr tA& 
leacA, smfuup, fdetymup Sac^-Jldam, 
sluffineje a/ c fPdl c P, sum laila/a, or 
eoenjast tlr idea of laou/a aotA/na ta- 
do-. (tBut/ it? cxauam't lastjoreoer. 
^lu^ust} ended, so- did ' tA& carefree; dcu/& 
of summer, ami tie memories steujed 
(oitl us; looy inter <Seftrml>er. 

Introduction / 5 


Chris and Russ take a break during shop. 

6 / Introduction 

"Pretty" punked out people 

Jerry and Mike perform a trombone duet 
during half-time of a football game. 

Introduction / 7 

eHo OAout yl/wuts 

yt&y tAie^eeir c/raaMs to- a cAos&, ao& 
tAinA b\zcA on adat on&^yyoefr 
tAuxrauyA in/ a/ year at ffiedifsod/e/ 
ffanior d(2yyA. JcAoed sfirit and 
esit/u/siasm /wyem/ to- deoe/of- 
immeduzteAy a& c/a/w and 
or/yanvmtionss /teyuui/ ter^rrm/^Jzdl 
sforts/ events started, and die dady 
routin& of attem/inyy cAasses/ and 
Seconzmy/amdiar- oMtAnew-steidesitS/ 

b^eyum. £77i& activities; in/ aducA to- 
farticiftat& at < d^d& aoere/ and& 
and oa/Yed. W/aiAer it axis art/udAy 
//e/'/ay a mend/erofa fea//?/or eAd/ or 
yi/st //einyy a spectator or a/Jan/, 
everyone/ a/as a far/ of die 00A0A&. 
eATie d&vnfsod/e sfirii a/as emdent 
every// d ere a/e t//rned and a/as oery 
maeA a fxi/t 0/ a// 0/ /Ae da/ays du/t 
A/affened to as. 

Fall sports cheerleading captain, Sarah Fussell, 
cheers Braves to victory at the first pep rally of 
the year. 

■ I 

The Marching Braves showed their spirit and 
enthusiasm by performing a half-time show at all home 
football games. A special part of the first show was a 
selection recorded by Anne Murray, "You Needed Me". 
While Sandra was Directing the band, Chuck and Julie 
are reunited on the field. 

Julie Swanberg, one of the three drum majors for the 
KJHS band, was chosen as the Festival Queen from 
Kempsville Jr. High. To be selected as festival queen, 
any girl participating in the band must submit a black 
and white photo of herself and a one hundred word 
essay on "Why I Participate in My School Music 
Organization." In May, Julie will have a chance to 
become the overall Festival Queen in Washington, D.C. 
Good Luck, Julie. 

Can't stop the BRAVES!!! 

introduction / 9 


Many people participated in spirit week which was sponsored by the 
SCA. Elizabeth shows her school spirit by dressing for DEVO day. 
This certainly added spice to the routine of the cafeteria. 

Even before school started, friendships began to form. 

c UAu// i&JruzmAsAufa? Adt i& a/ 
re/xituMsAfe an/Ac a/ person/ a?/ adacAc 
ana dares to- Awuotit&efi Adt i& Aoo€/ } 
Aa/>fti/ies&, cartn//, and sAarisiy. 
Adravid/iAufe e& /scat// an'sAc cAa&wuzte& 
and Aanau// an/nod t^^ 
d>r^oaA& toyetAier. AAt i& ay v^xiutifuA 
quft da/t i&joand in eoeru/ aspect o/~ 
scAund A//c. AAf eaxstfr in/ tA& AadA/i, in/ 
oar cAassroam&j and in/ oar Aco€&. 

£A7i& one dan// tAuzt aAA ofafr uhAA 
rtmemzser most/ a Aw a/ daky/'ar i& 
aot die aAz/eA/ra, or dw //ioA/ii/// , or 
die Al&tara/. JAo- } dir dan// adi/'/Ai a/iAA 
sennet f out moat i& tAi&foemA&Atfa tAuzt 
Ai/zftfi/neeA. ATA/Me t/nie/i o^/ri/7i/A<di/fe 
adien a/c A/ze/e/Aie/A arid cried toi/edier, 
cAeered one anodier s successes and 
s/afered one/ anotAierx Aos&e&. jV& 

Susannah, T.J., Beth, and Kelly make the perfect 
quartet of friends. 

sAie/rcd Aos/nce tAe Any aezmo ///die 
( aear- fiuAma te&t& c/yi/Ai/ett/ne/ no€e& 
dial sez/dc/oodd/iye. SB at/ a/c a/so 
■di///ed a/in/a'n// seasons/^ (/el/en/j an/ 
" ane/szeoje/'t/uit/u^ 
a£ Au& AoeAer. < fomet/mm it> axm 
rce/AA// Au/riA t/r Ah 7 / a^ friend. A7i/ ohm 
Aie/rd terJineA tAi& ra/duy awrd& to see/// 
a die// u>& Aost or adien crfriend ukz& 
t ze^ed/ei/j Ao/o. 68/// diefc/A/n/yof/o// a/c 
AaeA ' A>€cau&& cy/a/Aezt Auz& Aee/i/ceied av 
oar reAa/nmsAift& Aiere/ at d/fdlAf 
Auw made It aAA loordi/oA/A/'. 

dAr/'e/tddi/'fi can //c man// d/A/i'/ent 
tAusuj& to- man// /ieo/d&. A/t can/ Ah& 
Aao€/ } Au/ftfeaiesAs, or sAaraup. 
c/rienddi/fi can 't A/c/ AtroAten doom/ 
into- a/ &ine/A& aefuuetion/. A/t i& 
se/metn/ne/e t/uzt cocr/y ine/ioee/aezA 
must cAefvi&Jor Aimse//. OS at aAA av 
ae/j^r/eneAs/ufo i& Aien^ a/ /art/ o/~ 
^A^n//soiAA& /fann/r d(2//di/. 

Introduction / 13 

,9t 9laffened 9o- 

jV&finisAecl f/te yeev* 
and mad& sue A a^fu$&, 
tAroayA t/aeA cuid tAroayA tAui/ 
fiaffened to- a&. 

Jlio&t of- our teae/ier& 
tiad maae; u& so- mad, 
tauy coAen/ 1/> axz& over 
tAey toeresis'ty a/l tAat bad. 

37a te&t& and tA& auvzze& 
aw'dfad and as&d feis&, 
//a/ a>/ws?/ it> And ended 
aw frooed u>e/ /aid c/as&. 

Oom& stauent& axndd axdA 
and som& rod& tA& Aai&, 
/tub aduiteaer oecarred 
SA Auffeued to- a&. 

rieAoalyear turn f<S*0 dau& 
and tAe&& are tA& Aa&t, 
tAi& entire; year 
Aa& Auffened sajast/. 

jvAen/^yoie/ taAA asitA yehar^iends/ 
tAe year and be cuscas&ed, 
uoayd aA/xiys reuar??A>er 
S/f a 7 txiffenad £7(r- 

— by QBrian (jaA%t& 

Introduction / 1 5 

16 /People 

dcmietime& //oa couA/A// A t/ahA of 
o///y/A//'////^ //oa \A ro/A/cr (Ao fA//a/yol 
toyetAer oa/A/ fA/c /oA/oA'^ guz/ia/. O-tAer- 
times yoa/'/Ml uxmte/A to cAo //oar ouav 
tAu/a/y. Sat eve/i/ /oA/cv/ a/ou caerey a/one, 
( //o// Aa/c/o /A/// iAe/ < e a/ere /, 3AL9 of A/or 
fteofiA& u>Ao~ feAcu/e/Aj cAreame/Aj Aa/M/AeoA, 
cm/A crie/A tAe saaur a/az/yj/oa/ cAuA. £TAiat'& 
coAuvi ^oa/ rememA/ereoA fA/c/t tA/e /joo/jA 
tAu^f/^^aroofa^^a 1 ^. 
AAA/e //c//} corners /oc/// tA//x}/a/A/ o /ycc/r 
o/~cAaAAen^e^ cauAy AuzrcAsAufas. <Som& ofufr 
tiaof aAreacA// after/cuce/A on& //ear /nit 
A/a/A oaotA/er to- (/o~; A/oAAaz/rjorasarcA to 
tA/e ca/A/yc/ sorr// to se& it/ come . iAAc/r o/A 
oftAr riooo/ to- //c yrcaA/ai/z'S (/f ^Al^AAlif 
{A/ere AauA //cc// J2 or S < j/ear& ofy/row/mj/ 

AA/t A/oAia// //ocA/, a/cao/o Av/o/o /A/a/ 
it axMy tAe fteofeAe of^A^AAiAS tAazt a/acAc 
/oA/ot A/a////cac/A to ox so o/eo/oraA/A a/uA 


Classe / 17 

(j/a&& Of 'c?6 . . . 

jfecwitngt/ £TA& Ways 

<SuddesiAy, ^esterdcu^ usws ^usne . usasn/t 
tAat use tried to- nmAe it/jjo-; itjusi} sAifyhed 
auKZ/f. ~ \oas-, it .seems tAere (oerc neoer enoupA 
Aiours in> ay dq^Jrsr tAe countdes& activities/ use/ 
became invedoed in. yls/ use AooA tousard tAie 
tAree j/ears in Aujd scAooA, aAA tAe memories of 
tAe time sftent> at d^dlAS conieyAoodim/ AsacA 
to- us/. y(& use AsoA AucA/ on/ oAd A*ietare& toe/ 
reedize Aato- macAi use Aaoe cAanyed. Adt seems/ 

Michael Adams 
Cathy Adcock 
Jim Adkins 
David Ainscough 
Gina Alexander 

tAat use AsoA/ at tAinys differesitA// tAan/ use/ did 
adien/ use/ usere neiocesmers/ at fflemfisodfe ^r. 
c/Au'sj/ear Aas Aeen/ roatine uv somr, uscu/s, Atat 
&o-sA>eciaA in otAer uniys . Once/ tAe memories of~ 
tAe tAusujs tAat Aaoe Aaftfeened ta u & coded/ in/ 
oar mind, use reaAize tAat netxt/uear- use usiddse 
saAdusmore&. AAt Aas Aeen a yeas- to- remenuser- 
^/or tAe cAass of'&Sas/ use usere Aeadiny tAe/ usay. 

)anny Alfred 
Cent Allen 
Cerry Allen 

Xndrea Anderson^ 
.isa Anderson 

Heath Andes 
Steve Andre 
Michael Armour 
Benito Asher 
Donna Ashley 

Steve Ashmore 
Amy Atherton 
Allison Aumock 
Andy Austin 
Mike Baiocco 

1 8 / Classes 



Scott Bradshaw 
Lori Brandon 
Bill Breakfield 
Pat Brenner 
Joe Brewer 

Michelle Brinn 
Cheryl Brown 
Eric Brown 
Susie Bruce 
Jeff Bryant 

Kelly Bryant 
Nicky Bryant 
Monica Burkley 
Shelly Buckley 
Brett Bunch 


Kim Bunting/ 

Danny Burkhart 
Daniel Burnett 
John Burnett 
Patty Burns 

Sandi Burns 
Archie Bushy 
Shannon Butler 
John Byrd 
Greg Caddell 

Brian Cafritz 
Greg Cain 
Denise Campbell 
Liz Campbell 
Pam Campbell 

Chrissy Capwell 
Andrea Carrol 
Chris Carter 
Pete Catalano 
Bill Ciccone 

■ — i 


20 / Classes 

Brenda Chasse 
Subir Chhikkara 

Fazio Christopher 
Kim Church 

Cindy Churchin 
Jamie Clamp 


Mark Clark 
Joe Clarke 
Patrick Clarke 
Ricky Cochran 
Mark Cole 

Scott Collins 
Dan Comerford 
Pecanne Condon 
Mary Conway 
Ron Conyers 

V Brian Cook 

Doug Cooperman 
Henry Copeland 
James Cortez 
Al Coston 

Rene Cote 

Lonnie Cottrell 
Pam Courtney 
Beth Cousins 
Amy Cowan 

Classes/ 21 

Billy Cox 
David Cross 
Ray Cronin 
Stephanie Cronk 
Rick Cross 

Joann Crowley 
Kendall Cutchins 
Mike Dailey 
Leilani Danganan 
C.A. Dankmyer 

Laura D' Antonio 
Keith Darrah 
Al Davis 
Elizabeth Davis 
Dawn Dean 

VDenise Dean 

Christine DeJusus 
Elizabeth DeJesus 
Maria DeJesus 
John Delcarmen 


Chuck Deloatche 
Robin Deloatche 

John Delullo 
John DeMartino 

Chris Densmore 
David Depaolis 


22 / Classes 


Scott Depta 
Robert Dillman 
Albert Dimainat 
Chris Dimino 
Russ Dodson 

Deanna Dohmann 
Steve Dolins 
;< Christie Donohue 
Wendy Doughty 
Hodges Douglas 

John Draffin 
Terri Drake 
Cathy Drewry 
Danny Driskell 
Keith Dupuis 

Elizabeth Eaton 
Amy Ellis 
Anne Ellis 
Darren Ellis 
Jimmy Ellis 

Sherry Eluto 
Lisa Emory 
Robert Engle 
Dale Fajardo 
Kirk Folk 

Cheryl Faris 
Nesa Faticoni 
Eric Fatkin 
Becky Feher 
Brian Ferguson 

Laurie Fimian 
Richard Fischer 
Troy Flippin 
Andrea Flood 
Denise Flores 

Classes / 23 

Jerry Flug 
Alan Fontanares 
Debbie Forbes 
Donna Forbes 
Julie Forehand 

Geoffrey Fout 
Kellie Foxwell 
Carolyn France 
Chris Francis 
Amy Francisco 

Becky Frazier 
Tim Freeman 
Suzette Frey 
Merrill Friedman 
John Fudala 

Sarah Fussell 
Becky Futrell 
Linda Gard 
Doug Garner 
Kellie Gardner 

Neil Gardner 
Scott Gardner 

Kim Gaskins 
Shirley Gauvin 

Reina George 
Bill Gernstein 

24 / Classes 




Jeff Gilliam 
Danny Ginn 
Chris Gladden 
Linda Gladstone 
Cindy Glick 

Jay Gonzales 
Mike Goodove 
Sharon Goodman 
Brad Graham 
Lisa Grant 

Laura Graves 
Dan Green 
Melissa Grehawick 
Kari Griffith 
Beth Gross 

Rusty Guess 
Albert Gumabay 
Jennifer Guyer 
Heather Haas 
Jay Hale 

Ronnie Hamel 
Liz Hamilton 
Ashley Hamrick 
Sallie Hanbury 
Kelly Hancock 

Mark Hardiman 
David Harrington 
David Harris 
Wanda Harris 
Chris Harry 

Judi Hart 
Angie Harwell 
Katrina Hastings 
Kim Haviland 
Kathy Hayes 

Classes / 25 

Tom Hoymes 
Hardy Headden 
Ashley Hemphill 
Colleen Hennessey 
Richard Hess 

Michele Hickey 
Cheryl Hicks 
Patricia Hiestand 
Todd Hilton 
Robert Hines 

Angela Hinston 
Sarah Hodges 
Terry H offer 
Shelly Holman 
Randi Holmstock 


Sandi Hooks 
Billy Horton 
John Horton 
Melissa Houser 
Mike Hron 

Danny Hughes 
Keane Hughes 
Tracy Hughes 
Peyton Hull 
Diane Humphreys 

Tommy Hunter 
Lara Idsinga 
Tom Infantino 
Chip Ingram 
Beth Isenhour 

Andrea Jacka 
Stephanie Jacobson 
Robin Jaffe 
Jill Jamison 
Elizabeth Jenkins 

26 / Classes 


Wendel Jenkins 
Keith Jennings 
Cindy Johnson 
Stacey Johnson 
Roger Johnson 

Jeff Jones 
Jim Jones 
Joyce Jones 
Jim Jordan 
Sheila Joseph 


Jenny Kahara 
Wayne Kappler 
Brian Karl 
Sarala Katepalli 
Lori Kaufman 

Kathy Kelleher 
Joe Kelly 
Kelly Kelly 
Paige Kelly 
Robert Kelly 

Judi Kennedy 
Rune Kiellstod 
Amy Klamerus 
Joel Klockow 
Kara Knickerbocker 

Susan Koehner 
Andrew Koenig 
Jeannine Kofroth 
Yvette Kofroth 
Cheryl Krane 

Rhonda Korahaes 
Anna Krebs 
Diane Kronz 
Catherine Kuhnemund 

Classes / 27 

Renee Lafond 
John Lamb 
Shelia Lancaster 
Patrice Landers 
Robbie Larmore 

Paul Lavandosky 
Renee Lavely 
Mike Lawless 
Brett Laws 
Abelardo Layola 

Stephanie LeBlanc 
Paul Leccese 
Ty Lee 
Mark Leech 
Chuck Leeper 

Robin Legum 
Chris Lehman 
Debbie Lentz 
Scott Leonard 
Steve Levine 

Emily Lewis 
Wendy Lewis 
Laura Liles 
Kevin Lilly 
Candy Lineberry 

Chuck Lisner 
Alisa Little 
Cosette Livas 
Theresa Liverman 
Jeff Lohr 

Arthur Luce 
David Lutz 
Tina Luzzi 
Bruce Lytle 
Tim McCann 






28 / Classes 

Ann McCarron 
Steve McCleaf 
Bobby McClellan 
Dana McClure 
Laura McColley 

George McCoy 
Katie McElhenny 

Colleen McFeely 
Sean McGrath 
Jennifer Mclntyre 

David McLaughlin 
John McLaughlin 
Cathy McLennan 
Brian McNamee 
Troy McPherson 

Scott MacAlea 
Billy Madison 
Cindy Mann 
Michelle Markham 
April Martin 


Steve Martin 
Tara Martin 

John Martinez 
Jennifer Mason 

Kim Matthews 
Kim Maftson 

Classes / 29 

Kristin May 
Kim Maynard 
Jon Maynes 
Terry Meehan 
John Melchers 

Mike Melnikoff 
Tricia Melton 
Chris Menia 
Cindy Midgett 
Jeanne Miles 

Andy Miller 
Carole Miller 
Greg Miller 
Kim Miller 
Mike Mills 

Scott Mills 
Tommy Mitchell 
Robert Moore 
David Morgan 
Mike Morgan 


Michelle Morris 
Kathy Morrison 
Angela Mote 
Grant Mott 
Jim Murphy 

Bill Murray 
Leslie Myers 
Dawn Nashwinter 
Amy Nauman 
Kim Nelson 

Carol Neste 
Susan Newton 
Doug Nochols 
Stephanie Nobles 
Caryn Nowland 

30 / Classes 

Kevin O'Brien 
Maria Octavo 
Matthew Odietus 
Robby Oglesby 
John Olah 

Jun Ortega 
Andy Orts 
Sandt Orts 
Lisa Ott 
Angela Owens 

Darrin Owens 
Jim Owen 
Sheila Page 
Kitty Palermo 
Michael Palter 


David Parker 
Steve Parker 
Greg Patterson 
William Patterson 
Valani Pauole 

Mary Pellingra 
Beth Pendleton 
Dan Pennington 
Quinton Perau 
Joy Perkins 

Karen Pester 
Clay Petry 
Ray Phelps 
Amy Phillips 
Forrest Phillips 

Stephanie Phillips 
Steve Pierson 
Mark Pineta 
Arthur Poole 
Chris Pope 

Classes / 31 

Richey Porter 
Christine Porterfield 
Mike Post 
Mark Potts 
Tanya Presley 

Rachael Prince 
Stacey Prince 
Rence Propster 
Paul Pulliam 
Mark Quinton 

Sarah Quinton 
Karen Rabidoux 
Steve Radigan 
Mike Ralicki 
Terry Ray 


Tim Rayburn 
Jimmy Raynor 

Beckie Reason 
Kelvin Reid 

Russ Reiter 
Greg Remy 

Gina Reyes 
Greg Reynolds 

32 / Classes 

Shawn Reynolds 
Mark Rezas 
Pete Rezas 
Paul Rhode 
Peggy Rhode 

John Richards 
Rodney Riddle 
Stephanie Riddle 
Kevin Riordan 
Lynn Ritger 

Mike Roache 
Patrick Roberson 
Michelle Rogers 
Lauren Roper 
Richard Rose 


Tracy Rumpf 
Julie Rushing 
David Ryan 
Nadia Sammons 
Robin Sanderlin 

Robert Santa Maria 
Robert Savage 
Keith Sawyer 
Joan Schell 
Ann Schneider 

Eric Schorr 
Karleen Schultz 
Adam Schuster 
Ronald Schwartrauber 
Andy Scott 

Michele Scott 
Win Scott- 
Mike Seligman 
Christine Sell 
Ali Shabazz 

Classes / 33 

34 / Classes 


David Stanley 
David Starling 
Beth Stevenson 
Tanya Stubbs 
Judi Summerfield 

Julie Swanberg 
Donna Swanner 
Sherri Swindell 
Kevin Syfreft 
Trot Tadeo 

Marshall Tatem 
Tim Teegarden 
Beth Terray 
Holly Thomas 
Maureen Thompson 

Adriane Thorton 
John Thurston 
Carlton Tignor 
Johnny Tincher 
David Tonkovich 


Donnie Torbett 
Melissa Tossi 

Chris Townsend 
Gary Turlington 

Cindy Turner 
Lee Tweedy 

Doug Twiddy 
Ellen Utter 
Ella Uzzle 
Tammy Valentine 
Robert Vandeburg 

Darrin Vaughan 
Brian Vaughn 
Patrick Vick 
Ron Voelkel 
Sandra Wade 

Kelly Walker 
Tara Wallace 
Lee Walters 
Michelle Walters 
Debbie Wanzong 

Amy Waranch 
Steve Warren 
Jimmy Waterfield 
Maria Watts 
Mike Weber 


Walter Weeks 
Kathy Weese 
Sharon Weigant 
Susan Wells 
Tammie Webiskis 

Kevin Werner 
Kellie West 
Sheryl WeHering 
Karen Wheeler 
Kelly Wheeler 

Annette White 
Danny White 
Paula White 
Robert White 
T.J. Whitehurst 

36 / Classes 

Scott Whittier 
Cindy Wiersh 
Terrance Williford 
Sandi Wilkinson 
Randall Willard 

Anna Williams 
Chris Williams 
Janel Williams 
John Williams 
Ricky Williams 

Jeff Wills 
Jackoe Wilson 
Julie Wilson 
Lori Wilson 
Michelle Winslow 




Cathy Winstead 
Tony Wise 
Jill Wiseman 
Stacey Wolcott 
John Wood 

John Wood 
Lynette Worsham 

Jeff Wray 
Alex Young 

Wayne Young 
Lisa Zucker 

Classes / 37 

idor some of us, i£ um& our first year- at 
tf?~?fAl*S, (oA/Ae otAiers ofus< were/ eafteriencing 
Afe in tAejunior A/y/bfor a seetme/^/ear. Jfdany 
tmi£& it is c/ffentA to adjust to cAuinyes, /tut u>& 
found tAat atfustments AaeA to- b& mack as/ u>e> 
progressed tArota/A our ei^AtA ^trade (/ear at 
SAl^fAltS. . SotAuny stofifed us from ferooing 
tAat a/e Aad spirit //otA in scAool and uv 
e<xtra-c/irrtadar aetioities. We Aneu^ tAat uduit 

^Linda Adamskie^ 

Pam Agbuya 
Allison Ainscough 
Art Akers 
Norman Akey 
VFronk Aimer) 
Susan Altenhein 

Rick Alyhelyi 
Gina Amato 
Kim Amber 
Ricky Amos 
Sandra Anderson 
Liz Anneft 
Robert Antonio 

(Linda Armond) 

Shane Arnold 

Gianna Artrip 

Theresa Atkins 

Brian Austin 

Nathan Austin 
^Suzie Azaf^ 

Dawn Bailey 
Nat Bailey 
Maryann Baiocco 
Buddy- Baker 
Karen Baker 
Leanna Balsley 
Stephanie Bannevich 

Danny Barham 
Tara Barker 
vChris Barnard) 
Allen Barnes 
Denise Barnes 
James Barnes 
Karin Barnes 

Tony Barnes 
Michael Baron 
Jimmy Bartlemay 
Stefanie Bates 
Beth Beany 
Todd Beck 
Bill Becker 

u>& did during tA& j/ear ama/d /ong l>e 
remeniAtered. ^Setting standare/s ana* traditions/ 
urns oeru/ mucA a feast/ of our- j/ear as< it> 
/happened to us<. WAesi/ u>& ariticfeate/ our- moo& 
to- t/ie top, toe are anocious/, j/et> reaAze tAat 
adiat u>e> Aaoe c/one sAows/ tAat u>& Aaoe set 
AigA j/oa/sfor otuseA^es. 9fes/, u>e< are; in tAe/ 
rmdd/e of tAe road in man// coaasj/et u>e are* 
mow/up aAead utitA determination/. 

38 Classes 

Beth Bell 
Brod Bello 
Mark Beshirs 
Megan Bickerstaff 
Patricia Black 
Brian Blackman 
Ed Blair 

Lawrence Bland 
Bev Blount 
Randy Boe 
Tammy Bone 
Lauren Booth 
Sherry Booth 
Amy Bordy 

Caroline Bowe 
Charles Bowers 
Rob Boyle 
Alvin Boynton 
Dawn Brafford 
Eric Brayn 
Joe Briggs 

April Brinn 
Lori Britton 
Jason Brockman 
Doug Brooks 
Charley Brown 
David Brown 
Missy Brown 

Teresa Bryan 
Jack Buchanan 
^jSteve Buckner 
fbuan Bui 
^lathy Bukovac}) 
Brad Burch 
Amy Burchman 


Jean Burlemachi 
Laura Burns 
Rod Burns 
(Steve Butche?) 

Tommy Cain 
Benji Caldwell 
Nancy Campbell 

Billy Cannon 
Cara Cannon 
Bobby Carmine 
Melissa Carothers 
^ Laurie Carpenter) 
Tina Carpenter 
James Carr 

Kathy Carr 
('Robert Carrikeri 
Sharon Caskey 
Ronald Castareda 
Matt Chapman 
Jeffery Chappelle 
Karen Chasse 

Classes / 39 

Karen Chaves 

Mike Chittum 

Willis Christopher 

Mac Church 

Reggie Claar 
Billy Clark 
Julie Clark 
Regina Clark 
Bob Clarke 
Elizabeth Clarke 
Kim demons 

Linda Cockey 
Claiborne Cofer 
[Ron Coferj) 
Jeff Cohen 
Sean Cohen 
Tanya Coleman 
Susan Coley 

Tom Colucci 
Donna Colvin 
Matt Comerford 
Darrell Compton 
Ronillo Concepion 
Jared Conley 
Kim Connard 

Tina Conrad 
Patty Cooper 
Steve Cooper 
Elizabeth Cowan 
Regina Creek 
Tommy Crittendon 
Frank Cross 

Mark Crunk 
Robelei Cruz 
Kathy Cullen 
Christi Cummings 
Michele Curran 
Alisa Dana 
JoAnn Dangman 

40 / Classes 

Michelle Daikos 
Michelle Dalrample 
Lori Daughtery 
fDean Davison^ 
Amy Davis 
Matthew Deal 
Peter Deangelo 

Barbara Deblaker 
(.Kevin Deegan) 
Jay Dejesus 
Marie Dejesus 
Nina Dejesus 
Kenny Demma 
(Joe Dennie*) 

Cheri Dewberry 
Stephanie Dill 
Michael Dimmer 
Phillip Dion 
Brooke Donahue 
Michelle Dorland 
(Jeff Douglas, ^ 

Thomas Doyle 

Wendy Doyle 
fRobin Dunban) 

Holly Duncan 

Bryan Dunn 
£Mike Dunn^ 

Dee Dee Dupuis 

Chris Durand 
Samantha Durkee 
Kim Durney 
Scott Dye 
UoAnn Eades) 
Swain Eller 
Mike Elliott 

Sheri Emerson 
Amy Emmons 
Audrey Emmons 
Simon Eng 
Chris Engle 
Craig Enslin 
Vickie Erb 

Kathy Escucha 
Don Espitia 
Amos Evans 
Mark Evans 
tSha ron Evere 
Holly Falch 
Eric Feeney 

John Feigenbaum 
Deanna Fellers 
Jeff Fentress 
Tina Ferguson 
Jodi Ferrari 
Robert Fields 
Jeff Fike 

George Filomarino 
Susan Flagg 
Ronald Flately 
Cindy Fletcher 
Chris Flint 
John Fohl 
Matt Ford 

Classes / 41 

Amy Forehand 
Jenny Forrest 
Nicki Fortune 
Keith Foster 
VSteve Fowler) 
Denny Fox 
Lonnie Fox 

Amy Franklin 
Bruce Franklin 
Jack Freeman 
Sherri Friedman 
Michelle Friend 
Matt Friesz 
Debbie Fulkerson 

David Garner 
Anna Garrison 
Kenny Gatdula 
Elizabeth Geddie 
^Ella George) 
Johnny George 
Stacy Germain 

(Denise Gibson^ 
Kim Gibson 
Lisa Gibson 
Christin Gilbert 
David Gilbert 
Nedra Gilchrist 
Colleen Gillen 

Dante Gilmore 
John Gimbert 
Paul Goggin 
Zabrina Gonzaga 
Bob Goodwin 
Ricky Gozum 
Alexandra Graf 

Adrienn Grant 
Susanne Greene 
Sherry Grice 
(Cberie Griffith^ 
Caroline Grubbs 
Bryant Guthrie 
David Guton 


Chris Haas 
Brian Hadley 
Cheryl Hadley 
Leah Hall 
(Mike Hall) 
Brandon Hamilton 
Tina Hamilton 

Cindy Hammonds 
Jason Hampton 
Leigh Hannah 
Robby Hannah 
Serena Hannah 
Michelle Hansicker 
Kip Harbison 





■ i 

42 / Classes 

Sean Hardiman 
Lynn Hardin 
John Harm 
Amy Harrell 
Greg Harris 
Lisa Harris 
Brian Harrison 

Katina Haslam 
Mark Haynes 
Brian Heath 
Holly Henderson 
Susan Hendricks 
Ken Hennesey 
Caroline Henry 

David Henry 
Susan Henry 
Michael Henshaw 
Buddy Hiat 
Leigh Higginbotham 
Billy Himchak 
Evelyn Hobbs 


Classes / 43 

44 / Classes 

Janel Logan 
Michelle Lowry 

Brad Lownsbury 
Tim Lovelace 

Dawne Lovelady 
Lance Lovelady 

Brent Lumpkin 
Patrick Lynn 

Tammy Lynn 
Steve Lyons 
Jim Lytle 
Keith McBride 
Karen McCabe 
CKathy McCabe') 
Eric McDonnell 

Harold McDuffie 
Mark McGarity 
Mat McGregor 
Diane McGuire 
Laura McLaughlin 
Shannon McMakin 
Wendy McVey 

Christine Mabry 
Noelle Macaraeg 
Doug MacDonald 
Valerie Mack 
Michelle Mackay 
Maureen Maker 
Julie Mackintire 

Eileen Molllaby 
Caesar Mamplata 
Jeff Mandel 
Marlene Mangosing 
Laura Mann 
John Manolakas 
Kevin Marcum 

Robin Markland 
(Matt Marquedant) 
(John Martin\ 

Richard Martin 

Kim Martineau 
fAndy Mason V(3f\ft£, 

Jamie Mason 

Classes / 45 

John Mason 
Rebecca Morney 
Gary Mayer 
Kim Mayse 
Heather Maxwell 
Sheri Medlin 
Anna Miller 

Jon Miller 
Leslie Miller 
Mike Miller 
Tim Miller 
Erick Milliken 
Mike Mizal 
Billy Moore 

Elizabeth Moore 
Felisicia Moore 
Sharon Moore 
Thomas Moore 
Leslie Moran 
Theresa Morean 
Chuck Morrison 

Lori Morrison 
Donald Moss 
John Mosteller 
Juan Mungo 
(Trade MurdenJ 
Jenny Murphy 
Leslie Murray 

Stacy Musich 
Valerie Myers 
David Nail 
Preston Neindorf 
Susie Newbold 
Laura Newby 
Shirley Newcomb 

Mike Nixon 
Gena Noggle 
Christy Norman 
Trenton Norman 
Terri Norris 
Caryn Nowland 
Bryan Nunes 


Marichu Ocampo 
Georgia Lee Odom 
Jerome Van Okel 
Sean Olah 
Peter Omberg 
Patricia O'Neil 
Sean O'Neil 

Tony Orlando 
Stephen Owens 
Theresa Owens 
Randy Padilla 
Lynn Painter 
Danny Palermo 
Perry Pascual 

46 / Classes 

Debbie Patterson 
Kim Patterson 
James Pearson 
Ed Pelingra 
Tony Pelingra 
Beth Permenter 
Valerie Perreault 

Wendy Perry 
Nicole Patrauskis 
Craig Patrie 
Heather Petry 
Mark Pezzella 
Bret Phillips 
Mike Phillips 

Melissa Pierce 
Randy Pierce 
Reed Pierce 
Kim Pinau 
Aris Pineda 
Elisa Placides 
Henry Pogorzelski 


Classes / 47 


/i -eve/' /<naoJ 
UJ/f^-h Z /acJte^/ /ike, 

a fcoJ /*4/f+> **** "j^Jii^ 

5 Of 7- 5jdy Andmu RiUiuiu d- 

Tracey Riedel 

Calvin Riffle 

Donna Ringer 

Chris Roberts 
Heath Robinson 
Martha Roche 
Jack Rodes 
Kristen Rogers 
Chris Rollins 
Steve Romine 

Jennifer Ross 
John Roy 
Debbie Rozos 
Michelle Rubin 
Charles Ruchelman 
(Lisette Ruiz} 
Mike Rumore 

Sharon Ruppe 
Susan Ruppe 
Gerry Rutledge 
James Russell 
Stacy Sadler 
Teri Sadler 
Salbert Salang 

Susan Sams 
Debbie Sargent 
(Mark Saunders*) 
Trina Sawyer 
Michelle Savage 
Kim Saylor 
Tracy Schields 

Andrew Schroeder 
Tony Schwartztrauber 
Kelley Scoby 
Ann Scott 
Craig Scott 
Suzanne Scott 
Donna Seehorn 

48 / Classes 


Charita Seldon 
Mitzi Seibold 
Tom Sewell 
Wendy Shackelford 
Tracy Shank 
Jennifer Sheppard 
Mike Sheppard 

Amy Sherwood 
John Shourds 
Michelle Silva 
Julie Simmons 
Jeff Sister 
Brian Szaranas 
Pam Skottegaard 

Monique Slagle 
Anne Slaughter 
Amy Smith 
Andrew Smith 
Cheryl Smith 
Christine Smith 
Kelly Smith 

Kelly Smith 
Lisa Smith 
^■Rebecca Smith 
^Cheryl "Snow 
chele Snukisv 
Todd Soady 
usan Soquety 

Nancy Sorenson 
Patti Spade 
Daphne Spain 
Lisa Spilka 
Mike Spindel 
Anna Sprague 
Jeff Sprague 

Jill Springer 
Tracy Spruill 
Karey Staehling 
Mike Stamper 
Angie Staples 
Marcy Starling 
David Staub 

Brad Stephens 
Greg Stephens 
Ginger Stevenson 
Johnny Stevenson 
Marc Stewart 
Christy Stoddard 
Keith Stokes 

Joni Strange 
Steve Strapec 
David Stubbs 
Jimmy Sung 
Denise Swear 
Liz Taggart 
Shelley Tate 

(t)ebb\e Tatem^ 
Robin Taylor 
Barrie Teach 
Paul Tewey 
Kim Theriault 
Sean Thibault 
Karen Thomason 

Classes / 49 

Teresa Ann Thomas 
Heather Thompson 
Heather Thompson 
Rodney Thompson 
Karin Thornton 
John Thousand 
Richelle Todd 

My Tran 
Ann Trbovich 
Kristie Tretheway 
Paula Triebes 
John Tripp 
James Tucker 
Tracy Turner 

Laurie Underhill 
Paula Vaiden 
Debbie Vansaun 
Anete Vasquez 
Shannon Vaughan 
Bobby Villa-Lobos 
Steve Walck 


Carol Wales 
Andy Walker 
Lee Wallace 
Richard Walsh 
Dana Walton 
Susan Ward 
Steve Warrell 

Brett Warren 
Wesley Warren 
Donald Waskey 
Andy Watkins 
Andrea Watson 
John Weaver 
Theresa Webber 

Tom Webber 
Jeff Weeks 
Shannon Weeks 
Julie Weinstein 
Fred Weldon 
Jeff Welsh 
Tina Wendt 

Kent Werner 
Wendi Wesberry 
Mike Wessel 
Colette West 
Kathryn Whitby 
Carolyn White 
David White 

Norman White 
Tammy White 
Rhonda Whitly 
Mike Wiechman 
Robert Wildermuth 
Robin Wilkinson 

50 / Classes 

Classes / 51 

Star yC $Mtmas Memory 

iSome^ feofde/foryet birtna / ays J , uduAy otAers/ 
^jorgei anniversaries/. i~77ien t/iere are tAose u>Aa 
foryet names and frees, bui> use tAe cdass of 
oh/I ' neverforyet ourfrstj/ear at 5^^5?<X &~Ae 
^fo&b dcuf ofseAocd orouaAt excitement a/u/ t/ie 
^Jitters. We wondered jf it/ axHi/d ke easy to- 
maA^friend& andfad into- tAe routine; ofcAisses/. 
tTTiey cAeingesfom one scAool to- tAe otAer- i& 
sometimes made easier- /h/ yetti/iy inoo/oed in 
activities and tAere coere many activities^ at 

'diffdlt [for as tctfoin. tAet/ear progressed, 
uses 6eyan/ to-fel more' at ease uniA our neto- 
scAooA, neoo- teacAers, aneAfriend&. rWe beaan> to- 
reaAze tAe importance of an education and 
Iteyan to- prepare; ouese/oes> Jor pdacesy of 
/eadersAif in oar seAool. y(s-> t/iej/eeir arauv& to- 
on/ end use anticipate tAe taw- j/ears aAead at 
'dlffd&S and A/iotv- tAat udtat Aas Aaffened to- 
uss i& a riea> beyinninyfor ay tastiny memoruy. 

Mike Adams 
Pinky Agbuya 
Tamara Allen 
Brian Aschkenas 
Andrea Bailey 
Richard Baker 
Beverly Bell 

Dani Berger 
Sheri Berkowitz 
Jeff Bertouneau 
Grant Bookhultz 
Jay Boyd 
Scott Brandon 
Michael Brown 

Mike Carlton 
Paul Carlton 
Terry Carstenseh 
Roger Carter 
Leighaun Chew 
Tracy Childress 
Jason Ciccone 

Billy Comess 
Laura Connolly 
Mike Daniels 
Jean DeMartino 
Stanley Domingo 
Victoria Double 
Timothy Drake 

Brian Eaton 
Scott Fairchild 
Christine Flint 
Geraldine Flores 
Debbie Fried 
Shep Fruit 
Martin George 

Alex Gordon 
Jennifer Gross 
Laura Guyton 
Bryan Hammond 
Susan Hargroves 
Kristen Harris 
Greg Hatcher 

52 / Classes 

Tammy Hermann 
Monte Hilliard 
Cathy Holian 
Chris Holian 
Jennifer Hoover 
Todd Hughes 
Michele Hunter 

Chris Ihlenfeld 
Chris Ivey 
Hilary Jaffe 
Jay Fodrie 
Kelly Johnson 
Mike Johnson 
Don Jones 

Cooper Joynes 
Nicol Kaczmarczyk 
Melicia Keen 
Shawn Kelly 
Barry Kirschner 
Tedi Kohinke 
Franchesca Krammerer 

John Kuhl 
Ray Larson 
Steven Lee 
Traci Lee 
Paige Legum 
Melissa Leonard 
Mark Levy 

Mark Lister 
Susan Lohr 
John Lynch 
Joshua McClain 
John McKay 
Beth Madison 
Justin Martin 





Karen Matyas 
David Maul 
Corey May 
Misty Miller 
Greg Mitchell 
Lee Mitchell 
Michele Mixner 

Bryan Mizelle 
Jerry Mollura 
Pilar Munoz 
Luaren Murray 
Scott Myers 
Jennifer Norton 
Michael Nelson 

Les Parlette 
Susan Parker 
Carry Pearson 
Andrew Philbrick 
Philip Quillin 
Hign Robinson 
Kelly Rubin 

Classes / 53 

54 / Classes 


May I have a pass to the clinic? 

yC picture/ or- ste>ry of- coAat Aaffened to- u& 
tooa/a (not oe/ cvmfdeie uutAout recetynitevn/ of 
tAe staff and adm/'nistratam at fflf^dixf. idTieir 
support' and encouragement Aave Aeifed eacA 
and everyone/ of as maA& it tArouyA tAe^year. 

cdTie/ teacAers ' day/ started at o°. SO coitA an/ 
/ivarset aside for fdann/nyfor tAe day. Q)uriny 
tAis Avar, many of diem tooA tAeir time to- AeJf 
students/. tAAe teeieAers ' day ended at 4. • 00, out 
many stayedffor c/uA meetinys and events/. 
WitAout tAem tAe c/uAs and sforts utou/d now 
never 6een<. £TAe staff by (noesti/iy so- mucA 
time in tAe cAasse& and activities at dZffidfxS, 
Ziaoe enricAed oar minds and lives/. W/iat tAey 
Aave taayAt/ in f&O days cvdA /ast a ffetim&. 

A Coke and a smile. 

Staff / 57 


Betty Brown 
English 9 

Jackie Bryant 
English 8,9 
Dept. Chairman 

Claire Buffington 
English 7,8 

- /I 

Patsy Cherry 

Connie Chrismore 
English 7,8 

Nancy Curtis 

Public Speaking, Drama 

Drama Club sponsor 

Valerie Hillyer 
English 9 

Susie Miller 
English 9 

Spirit Club sponsor 

Louise Minson 
English 7,8 

Sandra Odom 
English 9 

Penny Reynolds 
English 8 

Susan Schwab 
English 8,9 


58 , Staff 

Marye Thompson 
English 8,9 

Susan Varga 

Forensics sponsor 

Ramona Young 
English 8 

Newspaper sponsor 


Mrs. Sally Polansky had been an 
English and reading teacher at KJHS 
for nine years. During her years of 
teaching, she has encouraged and 
directed many students as they have 
developed their skills in reading, in 
communication, and in understanding 

Growing up in a family where many 
of her relatives were English teachers 
influenced her decision in choosing 

her occupation. 

At the end of this year, however, 
she will be retiring from teaching and 
pursuing other interests. Although she 
will be leaving KJHS, those students 
who have had Mrs. Polansky will 
never forget all that they have learned 
from her. Her knowledge and 
dedication has been appreciated very 


Pam Behrens 

Elizabeth Dover 

Joseph Elias 

Latin Club 

Rob Moody 
Spanish Club 

Lynn Reilly 
Spanish, French 
French Club 

Denise Thomas 

Dept. Chairman 

Staff / 59 


Mary Anderson 
Elem. Algebra, Algebra I 

Cherylin Caten 
Math 7,8 

Ed Dennis 

Pre Algebra, Algebra I 

Kathleen Foster 
Algebra I, Pre- Algebra 

Donna Kopp 

Gen. Math 9, Pre Algebra 

Regina Montagna 
Geom., Algebra I 
Dept. Chairman 

Carolyn Reyerson 
/ . Gen. Math 9, Math 8 

t, IC Lois Shields 

. | .. Gen.. Math 9, Math 8 

Donald Starbuck 
. x> M ath 8, Pre-Algebra 

Dorothy Stephen 
Elem. Algebra, Math 8 

Laura West 

Pre Algebra, Gen. Math 8 

Audrey Widgeon 
Elem. Algebra, Algebra I 

60 / Staff 


Peg Baldwin 
World History 
National Junior Honor Society 

Elizabeth Boykin 
Social Studies 7,8 
S.C.A. Sponsor 

Joan Isaccson 

World Georgraphy, Social Studies 8 

Robert Jones 
Social Studies 8 

Timothy Miller 

Social Studies 8, World Geography 
S.C.A. Sponsor 

Patricia Shorter 
World Geography 

Mr. Fuller 
World History 
Debate Team Sponsor 

Mr. Fuller and Mrs. Baldwin have motivated many 
students to learn history through a unique teaching 
method. Two years ago they combined their 
philosophies and skills in a team teaching situation. 
Their teaching ability and personalities have created 
an environment where students can develop their 
knowledge and interest in World History. 

Staff / 61 


Bobby Adair 
Physical Science 

Joan Gaetani 
Physical Science 
Dept. Chairman 

Mary Gamble 
Physical Science 
Cheerleading sponsor 
Science Club sponsor 

Willa Moore 

Sciene 7, Physical Science 

Neil Phelps 

Spirit Club sponsor 

Caryle Sims 
Earth Science 

Suzanne Thompson 
Physical Science 

Mymell Toney 
Earth Science 

Amanda Wray 

Physical Science 

Yearbook sponsor 

National Jr. Honor Society sponsor 

Science Club sponsor 


Mary Cerrone 
Home economics 

Patty Ervin 
Home Economics 

Donna McCloud 
Home Economics 

62 / Staff 


Each one of the coaches 
here at KJHS puts his full time 
and effort into coaching his 
team. He promotes good 
attitudes and sportsmanship 
in addition to teaching the 
students the skills of the 
game. Being a coach includes 
the responsibility of his team 
and its equipment, as well as, 
organizing the practice times 
for the team. The teams at 
KJHS are lucky to have the 
interest and enthusiasm of 
these coaches. Whether it 
was a winning season or not 
made no difference, for every 
game brought experience to 
both the coach and his team. 

Cathy Chester 
Health/P.E. 9 
Dept. Chairman 

Tommy Chowns 
Health/P.E. 9 
Basketball Coach 

Joe Hassel 
Health/P.E. 7,8 
Track Coach 

Bob Hicks 
Health/P.E. 9 
Dept. Chairman 
Football Coach 

Diane Johnson 
Health/P.E. 8,9 
Softball Coach 

Debbie Kinzel 
Health/P.E. 7,8 
Gymnastics Coach 

Sharon Munden 
Health/P.E. 8 

Field Hockey and Soccer Coach 

Ronald Stultz 
Health/P.E. 8,9 
Wrestling Coach 

Tony Zontini 
Health/P.E. 8 
Baseball Coach 

Staff / 63 



Janet Allen 

Basketball and Track Coach 

Cindy Enroughty 

Rita Ford 

Theresa Harris 

Flags, Majorettes, 
and Rifles sponsor 

Teresa Winchester 

Paul Wright 

Dept. Chairman 



Amy Ratliff 
Art 1,2 

David Brooks 
Head Custodian 

Janet Gray 
Cafeteria Manager 


Evelyn Frazier 
General Business 

64 / Staff 


Emmet Forbes 

Ina Leiderman 

Celes Price 


Lorene Johnson 
Teacher Aide 

Freddi Morgan 
Teacher Aide 

Terry Teague 
Teacher Aide 


William Camp 
Industrial Arts 

John LePine 
Industrial Arts 

Michael Polychroni 
Industrial Arts 

John Stahl 
Industrial Arts 
Dept. Chairman 



66 / Staff 

Pat Cowen 

Emma Sawyer 

Shirley Welche 


Lois Linsly 

Peggy Harrop 

Chris McClenny 


Kay Harris 

David Flanigan 

Assistant Football Coach 

Mary Cade 


Mr. Bob Booth is the Student 
Activities Coordinator for KJ.H.S. Mr. 
Booth is responsible for scheduling 
club and sports activities for our 
school. He is always busy attending 
events in which KJ.H.S. students are 

Mr. Booth started to teach at 
Kempsville Jr. High in 1969 when the 
school opened and has been teaching 
here for twelve years. Before he was a 
student activities coordinator, he 
taught physical education. He 

Bob Booth 
Student Activities Coordinator 

coached two years of football, two 
years of basketball, and six years of 

When Mr. Booth was a student in 
junior high and high school, he 
participated in many sports. This 
helped him to decide to be a physical 
education teacher. 

Much of what has happened to us, 
such as dances, games, clubs, and 
evening performances, was scheduled 
and organized by Mr. Booth. 

Staff / 67 

Dr. E.E. Brickell 

Superintendent of Schools 
Virginia Beach 

68 / Administration 

The Virginia Beach City School Administration is actively concerned with 
increasing the educational facilities for every student. The role of an administrator is 
to guide the students through a successful educational experience. 

In the school year 1981-1982, the administration of KJHS was directed by 
Jefferson Davis, principal. To compliment the leadership function, he was ably aided 
by Carl Peterson and Ralph Sykes, assistant principals. Such competent leadership 
has brought another successful school year to be a pleasant close. 

Not many men could fit the role of principal of Kempsville Jr. High School as Mr. 
Jefferson Davis. He maintains an informal, but disciplined, atmosphere and is always 
accessible to students and faculty. Everyone at KJHS knows that Mr. Davis will listen 
to any problem with fairness, concern, and an open mind. Any decision he makes is 
for the benefit of the majority of the student body, and the faith he maintains in his 
students inspires trust among them. In contributing so much to the youth of 
Kempsville Jr. High School, Mr. Davis has helped to make what has happened to us 
so important. 

Jefferson Davis 


Carl P.E. Peterson, Jr. 
Assistant Principal 

Ralph Sykes 
Assistant Principal 

70 / Administration 

Administration / 71 


Percussions get into the beat! 

various organizations and activities/ in/ 
adicA %P participate/ are uhc/& and varied Aere/ 
at fflffiffif. &7i£y ft/ay an important part in/ 
ma A/sup tAe; "venture" tArouaAjunior AigA 
scAooA a/ pdeasant one/. (d/uA and 
o/yaaizxitianaA actauties^ provide a cAanee^fr 
tAe student to- sAare Ais interest® oHtA^/riends/. 
@brticif>ati/igi/, enaAdes a/ student to- deoeAof 
mutual interests and^friendsAups, as a>eAA as, 
a/uHoina/ Aisn to taAe a AtreaA^rvm/ tAe/ 
eoeraacu// routine of~scAooA. ($eina< apart op a 
jprouf is important andaives tAe student a 
JeeA/ujy of AteAonyi/uj. Q)urinep iJ)<9i-&2, 
participation/ in/ tAe< cA/As/ and organizations^ 
uxiS' at an/ a// tim& AiyA^or tAere was 
sornetAing for everyone/ &A& outside/ actioities 
udiicA accomfiasuf ' scAoot 'Aft ' Aas made tAe/year | \ 
more en/vuaAde and Aefes us add to tAe Aist of 
tA^ tAivys tAat Aaoe Aapp>ened. 

Joey takes a break. 

72 / Activities 



KJHS band director, Emmett Forbes, was a busy 
man this past year. Preparation for the year began 
even before school started, with marching band 
practice everyday. The Marching Braves performed 
a half-time show at every home football game to 
entertain the fans and promote school spirit. They 
also marched in several parades during the fall and 
early winter months, always taking home high 
honors when in competition. At the end of the 

marching season, the band performed concerts for 
the student body, families, and friends. 

In addition to the marching band and concert 
band, Mr. Forbes also directs an excellent jazz 
band. This group has also entertained for audiences 
during the year. 

Each and every band member works hard and 
should be very proud of his accomplishments. 

Honor Guard: Stephanie Cronk, Judy Spilka, Debbie Wanzong, 
Cindy Watkins, Becky Futrell (not pictured: Franchesca 

Drum Majors: Julie Swanberg, Chuck Lisner (Head), Sandra 

74 / Activities 

Flutes: Row 1: Anne Trbovich, Merrill Friedman, Benita Asher, Beth Terray, Maryln Bess, Kim Boyd, Laura Newby, Melissa Houser. Row 
2: Kim Martineau, Leslie Miller, Heather Haas, Julie Rushing, Susie Bruce, Heather Thompson, Leslie Myers, Drew Basden, Carolyn 
France, Robert Moore, Collette Barnes, Cindy Turner, Nicole Livas, Linda Gladstone, Tracie Murden, Stephanie Kim. 

French Horns: Joni Swanberg, Leilani Danganan, Shelia 

Trombones: Row 1: Shawn Reynolds, Greg Mitchell, Robert 
Dillman. Row 2: Mike Spitalney, Christina Dejesus, Jerry Flug. 

Clarinets: Row 1: Shelly Buckley, Suzette Frey, Kathy Weese, Tammy Bloom, Cindy Glick. Row 2: JoAnn Danganan, Terri Sadler, Monica 
Buckley, Tami Bone, Lori Brandon. Row 3: Yvette Kofroth, Beth Moore, Cindy Mann, Sandra Anderson, Carol Neste, Doug Twiddy, Pattie 
Burns, Kelvin Reid, Michelle Brinn, Robin Sanderlin. 

Activities / 75 

Saxophones: Andrew Koenig, David Snapp, 
Andy Austin, Mark Cole, Albert Gumabay, 
Steve Strapec, Chance Schober, Linda Gard. 

76 / Activities 

Percussion: Row 1: Carlton Tignor, Donald Kemp, John Roy, Valerie Perrault. Row 2: Diane Kronz, Kurtis Reiner, Greg Patterson, Kirk 
Folk, Chris Gladden, Kim Patterson. Row 3: Mike Slater, Clay Petry, Steve McCleaf, David Harrington, John Weaver. 

Majorettes: Patrice Landers (Captain), Kelly Hancock, Kathy Hayes, Patty Cooper, Sandi Hooks. 

Activities / 77 


Kelly Kelly (Captain), Kim Maynard, Colleen Gillen, Beckie Reason, Heather Petry, Julie Clark, Renee Lovely, Laura Liles, Jennifer 
Hoover, Kelly Bryant, Julie Simmons, Holly Henderson, Jeanine Kofroth, Tracy Spruill, Suzanne Quillin. 


Robelei Cruz, Anna Williams, Beth Isenhour, Liz Campbell, LaTonya Coleman (Captain). Andrea Ball, Beverly Ball, Kim Gaskins, Missy 

78 / Activities 


Row 1: Stephany LeBlanc, Sheran Moore, Vicky Erb, Dawn Bailey, Kelly Williams, Sarah Quinton, Jamie Mason, Dana Smith, Jill 
Wiseman, Lauri Labyak, Amy Sherwood, Ina Leiderman (Director). Row 2: Judi Spilka, Allison Ainscough, Carrie Pearson, Ella Uzzle, 
Kellie Gardner, Beth Gross, Kim Gibson, Michelle Hickey. Row 3: Theresa Owens, Suzanne Quillan, Linda Adamskie, Sharon Goodman, 
Stefanie Bates, Anna Williams, Robin Dunbar, Christine Sell, Julie Simmons, Jennifer Forrest, Robin DeLoatche, Kendall Cutchins, 
Jennifer Furgeson. Row 4: Shannon Butler, Regina Creek, Dawn Beard, Juli Smith, Becky Feher, Amy Klamerus, Ame Atherton, Andy 
Scott, Caryn Nowland. 


Row 1: Tim Lovelace, David Noll, John Mason, Mark Evans, Michelle Scott. Row 2: Cheryl Brown, Kim Zicafoose, Laura Dantonio, 
Pecanne Conden, Nicki Fortune, Barbara DeBlaker, Kelly Scoby, Michelle Rapcavage. Row 3: Kim Saylor, Ricky Cochran, Harold David, 
John Melchers, Cindy Churchin, Ronald Casteneda, Lynn Ritgers, Cindy Midgett, Amy Ellis. 

Activities / 79 



Like our government leads the United States of 

America, our SCA leads Kempsville Junior High 

School, guided by sponsors, Libby Boykin and Tim ■ \ j 

Miller. As the SCA Crossed the road together, they | 

showered us with exciting and new activities. The 

"road" was paved with our spirit links and orange 

carnations planted along the side. The "Blue and 

Gold" shone through once again over all junior 

highs in Virginia Beach. With all of the varied 

.. ... .. . j • j. cr>A ■ ., Tim Miller, Libby Boykin sponsors 

activities we participated in, the bLA made it 

happen to us. 

Alan Fontanares President Beth Stephenson Vice-President 

Christina DeJesus 
1 1 1 

80 / Activities 


Row 1: Julie Swanberg, Kay Shows, Laura McColley, Sarala Katepalli, Sarah Silseth, Russ Dodson, Christine Sell, Cossette Livas, Alan 
Fontanares, Beth Stephenson, Tracy Hughes. Row 2: Chris Carter, Elizabeth Jenkins, Stephanie Cronk, Chuck Lisner, Beth Cousins, 
Mary Pellingra, Cheryl Krone, Michelle Rodgers, Michelle Morris. 


Row 1: Gina Amata, Kim Raetzman, John McKay, Brian Mizelle, Maryann Baiocco, Michelle Mixner, Sharada Katepalli, Debbie Fried. 
Row 2: Nicole Livas, Julie Simmons, Amy Sherwood, Liserte Ruiz, John Workman, Anne Slaughter, Tracey Shields, Karen Chasse, Mike 
Carlton, Jennifer Singson. Row 3: Bethany Rice, Heather Thompson, Kelly Scoby, Amy Harrell, Susan Lohr, Bobby Goodwin. 

Activities / 81 


Row 1: Beth Beany, Laura McCulley, Wendy McVey, Joey Reason, Lisa Spilka, Kristie Trethaway. Row 2: Stephanie Bates, 
Jenny Mclntyre, Wendy Stampely, Wendy Lewis, Peyton Hull, Kay Shows. Row 3: Cheryl Krane, Anne Ellis, Beth Price, Karin 
Bannes, Susan Altenheim, Valorie Myers, Lisa Emory, Elizabeth Barclift, Beth Spivac, Rachael Prince. 

Mrs. Reilly (sponsor), Beth Terray, Sandra Wade, Julie Swanberg, (officers) France, a dream come true. 

82 / Activities 



Activities / 83 


Row 1: Julie Simmons, Kathy Escucha, Sherry Booth, Suzanne Scott, Elise Richels, (vice p) Patrick Lynn, Perry Pascal, 
Ricky Gozum. Row 2: Anna Miller, Dawn Dean, Sally Hanbury (pres.), Chris Williams, Kennny Taylor, Christina DeJesus. 
Row 3: Daniel Burnette (vice-pres), Mike Rumore, Greg Caddell (treas.), Michelle Markum, Cindy Midgett, Evelyn Hebbs. 


Row 1: Sherry Eluto, Marianne Baiocco, Marichu Ocampo. Row 2: Kathryn Whitby, Heather Baker (pres.), Faith Blood (treas.). Mr. 
Moody (sponsor). Not Pictured: Judi Hart (vice-pres.), Laura Liles (sec), Lehoa Ronders, Suzette Frey, Bruce Franklin, Chuck Lisner. 

84 / Activities 


Row 1: Carmen Wood, Beth Beaney, Sharon Everett, Patrice Landers, J.J. Leonard. Row 2: Renee Lavely, Janel Logan, Kim Young, 
Noelle Maceraeg, Lisa Kater, Denise Gibson, Pamela Agbuyer. Row 3: Cheri Dewberry, Kim Boyd, Carrie Loflin, Traci Lee, Chris Holian, 
Sherri Grire, Holly Henderson. Row 4: Karin Barnes, Tara Wallace, Leighann Chew, Jean Smith, Zabrina Gonzaga, Donna Forbes, Renee 
Howie, Cheryl Snow, Judy Summerfield, Debbie Tatem, Bonnie Joe. 

Row 1: Kim Boyd, (Treasurer), Cheryl Snow (Reporter), Denise Gibson (President), Debbie Tatem (Vice President), Patrice 
Landers (Secretary). Row 2: Mrs. McCloud, Miss Ervin, Mrs. Cerrone. 

Activities / 85 


Row 1: Beth Johnson, Mike Morgan, Chris Ihlenfeld, Susan Sams, Elizabeth Jenkins. Row 2: Justine Homer, Robin 
Dunbar, Stephanie Riddle, Peggy Rhode, Julia Forehand. Not Pictured: Daniel Green, Andy Haldron, Jay Gonzales. 


Row 1: Harold McDuffie, Debbie Fried. Row 2: Georgia Lee Odom, Tracy Adkinson, Tracy Jones, Sheri Emerson, 
Cathy Bukovak. Not pictured: Jennifer Singson, Chris Haas, Susannah Baxter, Elizabeth Barclift, Stephanie Cronk. 

86 / Activities 


Row 1: Liz Campbell, Sarah Fussell, Paula Benziger, Kay Shows. Row 2: Lydia Cockey, Karey Stoehling, Kim Miller, 
Michelle Morris. Not Pictured: Jill Jamison, Andrea Watson, Pam Courtney. 

Activities / 87 


Row 1: Lori Kaufman, Kelly Hancock, Sheila Lancaster. Row 2: Collette Barns, Kim Gaskins, Colleen Gillen. 


Alex Young 

"I have a headache, I can't run the 600, will 
you write me a pass?" All these excuses are 
heard daily by our school nurse, Mrs. Harris. 
She received her training at Prespyterian 
Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has 
been a school nurse for 13 years. Mrs. Harris is 
the mother of four children and she enjoys 
Sandbridge in the summer. We are lucky to 
have a nurse that loves Kempsville and is 
dedicated to the students. 

88 / Activities 


The National Junior Honor Society is 
made up of a very special group of students 
who must have maintained a 7.0 average 
for the eighth grade and the first semester 
of the ninth grade at KJHS. The members 
are chosen on the basis of four major 
qualities: leadership, service, citizenship, and 
academics. When a student has maintained 
the academic average, he or she is given an 
application for membership. The 
applications are reviewed by a committee of 
teachers and administration, and the 
selection of the new members is made. A 
tapping ceremony is held in the spring to 
induct the new members. The NJHS is a 
service organization which offers tutoring to 
the students of KJHS and also helps needy 
families during the holiday seasons. 

Sarah Silseth (Vice President), Mike Spitalney (President). 

Row 1: Sarah Silseth, Mike Spitalney. Row 2: Colleen McFeely, Elizabeth Jenkins, Paige Kelly, Chuck Lisner, Dale Fajardo. Row 3: 
Lara Idsinga, Brenda Chasse, Christine Sell, Annet Vasquez, Stacey Prince. 

Activities / 89 


Row 1: Wendy Stampley (Secretary/Treasurer), Alan Fontanares (Vice President), Christine Sell (President). Row 2: Colleen McFeely, 
Rachel Prince, Donna Swanner, Mike Lawless, Denise Dean, Anna Miller, Nancy Campbell. Row 3: Barbara Sparks, Tracy Hughes, Amy 
Francisco, Laura Mann, Kay Shows. Row 4: Scott Gardner, Jennifer Mclntyre, Cheryl Krone, Jenny Kahara, Sallie Hanbury, Robin Dun- 
bar, Teresa Bryan, Caryn Nowland. Row 5: Johnny George, Michelle Morris, Debbie Wanzong, Mark Hardiman, Chris Williams. 


Row 1: Robert White, Johnny George, Chris Williams, Richard Blake. Row 2: Debbie Wanzong, Sallie Hanbury, Wen- 
dy Stampley. Middle: Dusty (Mascot). 

90 / Activities 



In December, the fourth annual Evening of Fine 
Arts was presented as an interdepartmental 
production. Entertainment included mime, dance, 
jazz, seasonal choral, music, an art show, and a 
presentation of the one-act play "Stages". The play 
recieved a superior rating at a one act play festival 
earlier in the month. Parents, students and friends 
who attended the event enjoyed the fine arts of 

Activities / 91 


Row 1: Alan Fontanares, Perry Pascal, Chris Hally, Charlie Ruchelman, Brad Bello. Row 2: Mrs. Varga (sponsor), Tammy Worbiskis, 
Mike Lawless, Debbie Wanzong, Susan Koerner, Sally Hanbury. 


Row 1: Stacey Prince, Susan Koener, Mary Gonaway, Anna Miller, Cristi Cumming, Michelle Walter, Cathy McLennon. Row 2: 
Bill Murray, Jeff Sprague, Mike Rumore, Chris Sell, Mike Lawless, Michelle Markam, Mark Leech, Scot Depta. 

92 / Activities 


Row 1: Greg Caddell, Robin Tripp, Joey Reason. Row 2: Philip Quillon, Scot Depta, Donnie Larmee, Kenny Taylor. 


Row 1: Kelly Wheeler, Kathy Adcock, Pom Courtney, Amy Phillips. Row 2: Angela Mote, Terry Wray, Teresa Liverman, Cheryl Hicks. 

Activities / 93 


Row 1: Tina Luzzi, Sarah Fussell, David Lutz, Mary Conway, Paige Kelly, Brian McNamee. Row 2: Faith Blood, Alan Fonta- 
nares, Linda Gard, Sarah Silseth, Stacey Prince. Row 3: Beth Stephenson, Judi Hart, Brenda Chasse, Robbie Larmore, Mau- 
reen Thompson, Curtis Skolnick. 

Row 1: Chrissie Prince, Christi Cummings, Collette West, Anne Slaughter, Kelly Smith, Karen Chasse, Eric Braun. Row 2: Hen- 
ry Pogerzelsky, Robin Koch, Barrie Teach, Clifton Lee. Row 3: Ed Blair, Maryann Baiocco, Amy Bordy, Lauri Labyak, Ginger 


94 / Activities 


. — 

First Place Winners: Chemistry — Alan Fontanares, En- 
gineering — Perry Pascual, Biology — Subir Chhikara, 
Physics — Amy Bordy, Earth and Space — Tom Hunter. 

Second and Third Place Winners: Chem- 
istry — Billy Madison and Stephanie 
Bates, Engineering — Sean Hardiman and 
Missy Brown, Biology — Clifton Lee and 
Shannon Butler, Physics — Brian Austin 
and Matt Chapman, Earth and Space — 
Anne Slaughter and Richard Walsh. 

Science Club Officers: Miss Gamble, Mrs. Wray (sponsors). Anne Slaughter 
(secretary), Brenda Chasse (president), Susannah Baxter (vice-president). 

Activities / 95 


Row 1: Susan Lohr, Libby Williams, Diane Quinlay, Holly Duncan, Jennifer Singson, Justine Homer, Susie Raiter, Kelly Rubin, 
Amy Ellis, Ms. Miller. Row 2: Laureen Murry, Dee Dee Dupuis, Jamie Mason, Julie Simmons, Valerie Myers, Leslie Murray, 
Gina Alexander, Karen Thomason, Michelle Markham, Tracy Jones. Row 3: Jackie Powell, Lynn Pantillo, Elizabeth Geddie, 
Noelle Mackareag, Suzanne Scott, Maria DeJesus, Kelly Johnson, Paige Legum, Donna Colvin, Pecanne Condon. Row 4: 
Regina Creeic, Caroline Bowe, Kelly Smith, Beth Bell, Eileen Mulally, Lisefre Ruiz, Vicki Double, Chrisse Flint, Geral Dine. Row 
5: Lauri Labyak, Barrie Teach, Sherry Booth, Leigh Higginbotham, Karen Chasse, Denise Swear, Denise Gibson, Jodi Farrari, 
Michelle McKay. 


Row 1: Tammy Werwiskis, Susan Wells, Dawn Nashwinter, Joanna Crowly, Ellen Utter, Theresa Ray, Mary Conway, Kim Nelson, Debbi 
Lentz, Laura Dantonio. Row 2: Randy Homstock, Cossette Livas, Mary Pellingra, Stacey Prince, Colleen McFeely, Sandy Orts, Kim 
Mattson, Tracy Hughes, Paul Rhode. Row 3: Katrina Hastings, Stephanie Phillips, Michelle Morris, Kay Shows, Judy Kennedy, Racheal 
Prince, Jennifer Mclntrye. Row 4: Laura McColley, Kara Knickerbocker, Kendall Cutchins, Diane Humphries, Judi Hart, Wendy Doughty, 
Beth DeJesus, Maria DeJesus, Lori Spears, Stacey Shirley. Row 5: Lisa Anderson, Jill Jamison, Melissa Tosi, Brenda Chasse, Kim Miller, 
Karen Rabidoux, Lisa Zucker. Row 6: Mr. Phelps. 

5, No. 2 


February, 1982 

Editors-in-Chief John Wood 

and Bill Murray 

Features Editors Heather Baker 

Sports Editor Robert Engle 

Club Corner Editor .... Elizabeth Jenkins 
Music and Drama Editors. . Chuck Lisner 
and Cindy Midgett 
Advice Column Editor . . Michelle Walter 

Reporters Scott Depta 

Deron Owens 
Caryn Nowland 
Pecan London 
Maureen Maher 
Tony Schwartztrauber 
Colette West 
Nicole Livas 
Susan Altenhaim 

motographer Monica Buckley 

f^rt Editor Johnny George 

ayout Editor Tim Winchester 

business Manager . . Charles Ruchelman 

circulation Manager Kathy Kelleher 

\izzle Ernie Retikis 

eporters Jill Humerick 

Pam Skottegaard 
Kelly Smith 
April Brinn 
Dale Fajardo 
Ed Pelina 
Cheryl Snow 
Rod Burns 


Activities / 97 


Tina Luzzi, Beth Stephenson, Anne Slaughter, Linda Gard, Brian Cafritz, David Lutz, Maureen Thompson, Sarah Silseth, Robbie 
Larmore, Scott Collins, Jimmy Raynor. 

Putting together this masterpiece took more work 
then anyone who never tried it could ever know. All 
that work had its rewards though; we had a whole 
lot of good times building on friendships old and 

We'll always remember: 
Who took the keys? 
more Layouts?!?! 

Mrs. Wray, can I have a ride? 
Brian and David, where's the film? 
Jimmy, keep your voice down! 
May I see your pass? 
That's funny, the room looks like a closet. 
Simply, having, a wonderful Christmas time. 
Who put the footprints on the wall? 
Is it desert, or dessert? 
Tears, Cheers, and the Venture. 
It Happened to Us 

Editor: Hnna Luzzi and Mrs. Wray (sponsor) 

Activities / 99 

Susannah shoots toward a city championship. 

Li i 

Kempsville is on the warpath. 

100 /Sports 

Co-captain, Tina Luzzi, realiy shows grace on the 

dfeorts at dj^ffflif ft/ay a /ny rede in seAooJ 
ffe as a/ed a& in eoztracurricoAzr^ ae/ti^ &~Ae 
/p&Z-S'J} atA/eies did an c^tstimdinyjoA in 
afAo/diny t/ie ^ood refatfaytum of d&mfsoide/ 
teams/, dlaoiny tAese kind of synods did nat 
come easy, it tooA many Aours of/iard coorA, 
jpreat coaeAiny, AiyrA spirits/, dedication/, and 
tAe ' desire of a/ natural bom atA/ete. tAAree of 
t/ie d^dHf teams/ uton/ tAeir city 
cAumfionsAf coitA many otAers fdaeiny/ 
second or tAird. idTris record is one in Aeefiny 
uritA tAe tradition of oar team& at dlffdGS. 

^Besides tAe at/detes tAemseAtes, tAe 
students ^fans/, and cAeer/eaders a/&o f/ayed a 
Auye far^t/ in/ tAe/ utinniny seasons^. tT/ie 
mend>ers of any team need to- A/ioto tAat tAey 
Aaoe tAe confdenee and suffort of tA^irfeAout- 
c/assma tes and tAis axis defnite/y sAoton/ 
durisuf eacA season. 

HdAe team members at> dlffd&J /tooe 
demonstraiea ^ sfortsmansAif and /uure sAoton/ 
tAiat t/iey are cAa/nfions/. dio- matter (oAere tAe 
comAetiion tooA fdace, tAey made it Aa/fte/i . 



102 /Sports 


Lisa Anderson, Lisa Zucker, Brenda Chasse, Melissa Grehawick, Stephanie Bannevich, Jill Jamison, Karen Rabidoux, Karen Chasse, Tanya 
Presley, Sara Fussell, Kim Miller, Melissa Tosi. 

Sponsor: Miss Gamble 
Captains: Jill Jamison, 
Sarah Fussell, Brenda 
Chasse, Melissa 

Sports / 1 05 

RR i 

Karen Chasse 


*R P 


The KJHS Cheerieaders, sponsored by Miss Gamble, have done an outstanding 
job supporting our Braves during the three sports seasons. Whether it was in a 
football stadium, beside a wrestling mat, or on a baseball field, they cheered the 
Braves to victory and shared the disappointment of defeat. 

Being on the squad meant so much more than attending games and cheering. 
During many hours of hard work, the girls practiced, made posters, decorated 
athletes' lockers, served as hostesses for school functions, and organized pep 
rallies. Their emphasis on good sportsmanship encouraged everyone at KJHS to 
realize that it wasn't whether we won or lost, it was how we played the game. 

Representing KJHS as cheerleaders was a challenging responsibility during 
the 1 98 1 -82 school year. This responsibility was not always easy to carry out but 
during both fun times and discouraging times, their enthusiasm and school spirit 
proved that the Braves were always winners. 

Stephanie Bannevich 

Lisa Anderson 


106 /Sports 

Sports / 1 07 


Row 1: Billy Clark (mgr.), Troy Tadeo, John DelCarmen, Tomas Moore, Larry Norman, Amos Evans, Jack Freeman, Trent Norman, 
Junior Johnson, Scott McAlea, Robert Reece, Randal Willard. Row 2: Steve Radigan, John Wood, Mike Lavender, John Martinez, Scott 
Johnson, Steve Fowler, David Stanley, Keith McBride, Bill Becker, Rick Roberson, Kip Harbison, Jerry Lavely, C.A. Dankmeyer. Row 3: 
Robbie Larmore, Mark Weygant, Pete Catalano, David Lutz, Billy Horton, Ashley Hamerick, J R. Reid, Tim Freeman, Ronnie Conyers, 
Steve Warren, Chris Francis, Scott Whittier, Scott Collins, Grant Mott, Geoff Fout. 

Mr. Flanigan (Asst. Coach), Tim Freeman and Scott Whittier 
(Co-Capts.), Mr. Hicks (Coach). 

108 /Sports 

Kempsville lines 'em up to knock 'em down. 

The KJHS football team had an impressive 1981 
season. Their 3-4 record did not reflect the true story or 
show the talent within the team. They began practicing 
to perfect their skills in mid-August and worked hard 
every day after school through the season. Their 
Saturday morning games brought excitement to KHS 
stadium where cheerleaders and fans gathered to cheer 
on the Braves. With the help of Coach Hicks and Coach 
Flanigan, the boys proved that they were built to take 
it. Among the ninth graders that will be leaving KJHS, 
are such valuable players as: Freeman, Whittier, Fout, 
Martinez, Larmore, Dankmeyer, and Mott. They will be 
missed, but the returning players have now gained 
experience and along with the coaches, are looking 
forward to a successful season next year. 



Row 1: Amy Cowan, Andrew Watson, Lauri Labyak, T.J. Whitehurst, Liz Annett, Katheleen McCabe, Anne Slaughter, Beth Cousins, 
Debbie Rozos, Sarah Silseth, Laura Lee, Karen Rabidoux, Diane Hamphries. Row 2: Miss Munden (Coach), Mary Pelingra (mgr.), Kathy 
Bukovac (mgr.), Sarala Katepolli, Truyy Shields, Robin Koch, Beth Pendleton, Susannah Baxter, Nesa Faticoni, Karen McCabe, Wendy 
McVey, Julie Wilson, Katherine Whitvy (mgr.), Megan Bickerstaff (mgr.). 

The 1981 field hockey team was one of the most spirited 
teams in school. Before every game and during halftime, 
the girls would cheer together to show their support of 
the team and each member. The KJHS team had a very 
successful season this year as they placed third with a 
record of 2-1-4. Miss Munden's first year coaching at 
KJHS was excellent because of the faith that she showed in 
the team and the encouragement she gave them. Coach 
Munden stressed good sportsmanship and team effort 
which proved to pay off throughout the season. With 
starters such as Anne Slaughter, Katheleen McCabe, 
T.J. Whitehurst, and Susannah Baxter, the squad 
demonstrated outstanding ability. The hard work of the 
team and dedication paid off as the girls worked 
together to go for the goal. 

Anne Slaughter (Co-Capt),-Miss Munc 
leen /KJ^Cabe (Co-Capt) 


Sports / 1 09 


Row 1: Kathy Morrison (mgr.), Scott Collins — 132, Kent Allen — 126, Kerry Allen — 1 19, Steve Martin — 105, Tommy Hunter — 98, 
Mark Potts — 91, Todd Soady — 84, Eric Stover — 77. Row 2: Mr. Spruill (coach), Scott Huffton — unl, Steve Warren — 175, Bobby 
Villa-Lobos — 165, Robbie Larmore — 155, Scott Whittier — 145, Troy Tadeo — 138, Karen Nolan (mgr.), Sarala Katapelli (mgr.). 


The KJHS wrestling team proved this year that pinning is 
winning. Confidence, encouragement and patience were attributes 
of Coach Spruill throughout the entire year. This was Mr. Spruill's 
second year as coach at KJHS and with the help of Billy Martin, Sr., 
they were able to place third in the city to Lynnhaven and P. A. 
Kempsville Jr. was successful in the City Tournament as they 
advanced four to the finals. Tommy Hunter and Troy Tadeo placed 
second, while Robbie Larmore and Steve Martin placed first. The 
coach and returning team members look forward to a successful 
1 982-83 season ready to bring the trophy back to Kempsville where 
it belongs. 

Scott Whittier (co-capt.), Mr. Spruill (coach), 
Robbie Larmore, Troy Tadeo, Steve Martin 


Row 1: Laura McColly (mgr.), Lauri Carpenter, Sarah Fussell, Karen Chaves, Wendy Doughty (mgr.), Row 2: Megan Bickerstaff, Karen 
Chasse. Row 3: Lauren Booth, Tami Bone, Stephanie Bannevich. Row 4: Martha Roche (mgr.) Julia Forehand (mgr.), Paige Hawkins, 
Tina Luzzi, Amy Cowan, Lisa Zucker, Michelle Curran (mgr.), Miss Kinzel (coach). Row 5: Dawn Ransdel. 

I I I 

The gymnastics team had an excellent season this year 
with a final record of 6-1. This was Miss Kinzel's first year 
as coach of the team and she was very successful in 
sharing her knowledge and skills of gymnastics with the 
team. Grace is of utmost importance in gymnastics but the 
strength required to maintain that grace is remarkable. 
Although gymnastics is an individualized sport, the girls 
worked very hard together as a team. All of their efforts and 
long hours payed off when the overall team and Lisa Zucker 
placed second in the City-Wide Tournament. The four ninth 
graders, Sarah Fussell, Lisa Zucker, Amy Cowan and Tina 
Luzzi proved to be the strength of the team this year, but 
with the seventh and eighth graders that will be returning, 
KJHS gymnastics should be able to keep that tradition of 

Sports /111 


Row 1: Donna Forbes (mgr.), Alonzo Coston (mgr.), Geoff Fout, Jack Freeman, John DelCarmen, Juan Mungo, Mary Pelingra (mgr.) 
Ray Shords. Row 2: Jeff Gilliam, John Wood, Robbie Engle, Nicky Bryant, Coach Chowns, J R. Reid, Ronnie Conyers, Bobby Wilson, 
Chris Francis, Greg Patterson, Jeff Wray. 



J.R. shoots again. 

The 1981-82 KJHS basketball team ended its season 
with an 8-2 record. The season proved to be very 
exciting as the boys won their last 5 games. With 
starters such as Francis, Reid, Fout, Engle, and 
Patterson, the squad demonstrated outstanding ability. 
They were able to win the divisional championship with 
the remarkable 5. The team played Lynnhaven in the 
city semi-finals and gave them much competition. 
Lynnhaven was only able to pull the game out in the 
last few seconds. Coach Chowns, completing his second 
year as coach, has done a fantastic job which shows in 
the record he has established. His encouragement has 
caused the boys to want to shoot for the stars. 

Chris Francis and Geoff Fout (Co-Capts.), Mr. Chowns 
(Coach), J.R. Reid (Co-capt.). 

1 12 /Sports 


Row 1: Laura McLaughin, Karen McCabe, Linda Gard, Terri Drake, Kellie Wheeler, T.J. Whitehurst. Row 2: Nesa Faticoni (mgr.), Joyce 
Jones (mgr.), Bonnie Joe, Susan Hendricks, Katheleen McCabe, Kim Theriault, Coach Allen, Michelle Morris, Susannah Baxter, Linda 
Gladstone, Julie Wilson, Michelle Hunter (mgr.), Tina Carpenter (mgr.). 

The 1981-82 girls' basketball team captured the 
city title with a 10-2 record. The girls defeated 
Brandon, 49-47, in the championship game. 
Although Brandon beat them twice during the 
regular season, the Lady Braves showed that they 
had the skills to bring the trophy home to 
Kempsville. Throughout the entire season, the girls 
demonstrated teamwork, spirit, sportsmanship, and 
the ability of a championship team. Miss Allen did 
an outstanding job during her first year of coaching. 
The team was led by co-captains Susannah Baxter 
and T.J. Whitehurst and Terri Drake added strength 
to the Brave backcourt. With eighth graders 
Kathleen McCabe and Kim Theriault returning, the 
team should have another successful season next 
year. Now, though, we look back on the season 
when dedication and hard work paid off, as the 
Lady Braves showed that nobody does it better. 


Sports / 1 1 3 


~ SR. **^r 

Row 1: C.A. Dankmeyer, Scott Cummings, Scott Whittier, Tracey Joe, Pete Catalano, Billy Spellman, Geoff Fout, Joe Tinkler, David Stanley. 
Row 2: Charlie Hodges, Jeff Sykes, Mike Morris, Brandon Sutherland, Tim Freeman, Robbie Larmore, Steve Comeau, Gil Benham, Scott 
Huffman, Mr. Zontini (coach). 

Kempsville works on a double play. 

The 1981 KJHS baseball team won the city 
championship with a 10-1-1 record. Determination 
plus many hours of practice daily, by both Coach 
Zontini and the players, made the season a 
successful one. The work the boys had put in each 
day had finally paid off; they had found with a lot 
of enthusiasm and practice that they had become a 
team that was first in its class. It was Mr. Zontini's 
first season coaching at KJHS and he proved to be 
so successful because of the confidence he placed 
in his team and the encouragement he gave each 
player. Such consistent players as Mike Morris, 
Tracey Joe, Scott Cummings and Charlie Hodges 
will be missed, but the returning team looks toward 
another championship. 

Gil Benham takes a few practice pitches. 


Row 1: Michelle Dorlond, Linda Gard, T.J. Whitehurst, Kellie Wheeler, Tina Carpenter, Dawn Dean, Karen Rabidoux, Kendall Cutchins, 
Kathy McClennan (mgr.). Row 2: Terri Hoffer, Donna Karas, Julie Wilson, Jackie Bunting, Alexis Dobler, Kim Nelson, Kellie West, Dawn 
Alby, Susannah Baxter, Andrea Anderson, Mrs. Johnson (Coach). 

The 1981 softball team ended their season with a 
2-8 record. The girls put in many long, hard hours 
of practice and they all demonstrated good 
attitudes. The team was coached by Mrs. Johnson, 
who did a wonderful job teaching the team 
members the fundamentals of the game. Even 
though the season was not the most successful, the 
girls put forth 100 percent effort, had lots of spirit, 
and worked together as a team. Key players such as 
Alexis Dobler, Donna Karas, and Dawn Dean led 
the team as they took to the field. Building on the 
experience gained during the season, returning 
players such as Julie Wilson, Susannah Baxter, 
Linda Gard, T.J. Whitehurst, and Kellie West should 
lead a strong 1982 team. With Mrs. Johnson's 
skillful coaching, KJHS can look forward to a more 
successful season in 1982, when softball players 
hope to be hot on the diamond. 

Jackie warms up the infield. 

Sports / 1 1 5 


A.1 * 

Row 1: Paige Brice (mgr.), Chris Gladden, Mike Morgan, Brian Sherwood, Troy McPherson, Brian Vaughn, Scott Leonard, David 
McLaughlin, Chris Belcher, Eric Brown, Sam Bonderant, Jeff King. Row 2: Brenda Jones (mgr.), Carol Rettie (mgr.), Matt Thompson, 
Scott Collins, John Demartino, John Belechak, Matt Watson, Wes Ward, Raymond Stone, Jud Rhode, Mark Sokolinsky, Steve Pierson, 
Mr. Spruill (coach). 

The 1981 boy's soccer team had an outstanding 
season. They finished second place in the city with 
a 5-1-1 record for the season. Although the team 
was young, they displayed great skill and spirit. Mr. 
Spruill, the coach, did a very good job of working 
with the players on the skills and strategies of the 
game. Wes Ward, an outstanding goalie, and Judd 
Rhode, an excellent Strieker, along with John 
Belechak and Matt Thompson, skillful defensive 
players, led the team. The 1 982 season looks very 
bright with the return of such players as Scott 
Collins, Sam Bondurant, John Demartino, Scott 
Leonard, Eric Brown, and Chris Gladden. The boys 
are anxious to show KJHS the greatest show on 

The boys wait to attack. 

r bn0 


Row 1: Denise Sokolinsky, Maureen Bastek (co-capts.). Row 2: Barbara Koppen, Michelle Corran, Maureen Thompson, Sarala Katipelli, 
Anne Slaughter, Susie Walton, Paige Kelly, Sarah Silseth, Janet Martin, Carrie West, Tiffany Primm. Row 3: Kristen Sharp, Mrs. Chester 
(coach), Tanya Stubs, Amy Nauman, Karen Colucci, Susan Slaughter, Michelle Mauney, Connie Cooper, Sandy Cohen, Lauren Roper, 
April Carpenter (mgr.), Joyce Bell (mgr.). 

Susie sets up a goal. 

The 1981 girl's soccer team had a very successful 
season. They finished the season tied for first place 
with Brandon, with a record of 6-0-1 . The co-city 
champions displayed sportsmanship, team spirit, 
and worked well together throughout the spring. 
Mrs. Chester, the coach, did an excellent job 
working with the players on the fundamentals of the 
game. The team will miss the talents of team 
leaders such as Maureen Bastek, Susie Walton, 
Denise Sokolinsky, and Michelle Mauney. Their 
1982 season looks very good for a championship 
with the return of such athletes as Maureen 
Thompson, Paige Kelly, Sarah Silseth, Lauren Roper, 
Sarala Katepalli, Anne Slaughter, and Michelle 
Curran. The girls will be seen in spring dribbling 
to victory. 


Row 1: Marvin Strickland, Dan Comerford, Andrew Koenig, Billy McArea, Al Igana, Scott Mills, Pete Soter, Jimmy Smith. Row 2: Tom- 
my Mitchel, John Davidson, T.J. Moore, Salbert Salang, Johnny Tincher, Mark Garish, John Hoskins, Mark Flores, Carlos George, Don- 
nie French, Robbie Hicks, Greg Remy, Tommy Brown (capt.). Row 3: Kevin Bergstead (mgr.), Mike O'Hara (capt.), Tim Garza, Adam 
Schuster, Dan Rhodes, Ronnie Thompson, Chris Thamos, Johnny Desaro, Joe Trail, Wayne Moss, Donald Rhodes, Tommy Kaupas, 
Jimmy Roberts, Brian Milliken, David Beshirs, Robin Farr (mgr.), Mr. Hassell (coach). 

Perhaps the most demanding of all sports is track. To 
be successful in track you have to work and work hard. 
You must also have the desire of a natural born athlete 
and the determination to overcome the challenges which 
being an athlete presents. The KJHS boys track team 
was no exception. With the helpful and encouraging 
coaching of Mr. Hassell, and the devotion and 
dedication of the runners, the team had what could be 
called a successful secson. Brown, Palermo, and Kaupas 
were team leaders and set new records, one being the 
high jump of 6'1" set by Tommy Kaupas. These team 
members will be missed, but the ones returning really 
have the confidence of a winning season. 


Row 1: Kitty Palermo, Melissa Pierce, Lisette Ruiz, ENa Georqe^ Lori Brandon, K ellie Walke r, Laura Lee, Karen Pocock, Kathy Pocock. 
Row 2: Joyce Motley (mgr.), Susie Gardner, Karen Chasse, Laura McLaughlin,lJ_isa Re'rnyt Heather Haas, Debbie Roz'os, Dana White, 
Paula White, Karen Hager, Kathleen McCabe, Linda Gladstone, Becky Mohap. Row i: Dawn Madison, Sarala Katepalli, Shelia Page,' 
Reina George, Sherry Bailey, Kim Nelson, Beth Pendleton, Cathy Wanzong, Karey Staehling, Jenny James, Lisa Flowers' Ann Schneider, 
Carol Harrison, Renee Lavely, Miss Cooper (coach). 

The 1981 KJHS girls track team proved to run like the 
wind. The dedication of the runners showed in the 
efforts that each team member put into every afternoon 
practice. Everyone worked on individual events, such as 
hurdles, high jump, pole vault, broad jump, relays, etc. 
In doing so, each strived to become the very best that 
she could be in the event. The team was coached by 
Miss Cooper, who worked hard and encouraged each 
and every team member. Returning team members such 
as Kim Nelson, Reina George, Lori Brandon, and Sarala 
Katapelli make next season look much brighter for the 
KJHS girls as they look toward the finish line. 

Sports / 1 19 


Each coach at KJHS was asked to select the most valuable and most improved players 
in their sport for the 1981-1982 season. The selections were made at the end of each 
season. The spring sports coaches chose their players from the 1981 spring teams due to 
the yearbook publication date. The coaches choices are as follows: 


Jfrto&b oa/ua/de; &ee^ &oas{> 
Jk/o&(> improved: ( ^o/ui/ Jt^artine^ 

SRe/d d&cAe^ 

A/o&b oa/ua/de; <^y^ WAiteAur&b 
'Susanna// (/Bawter- 
Jldo&b improved; SUny (jouHm/ 

fflaren dla/ndoaay 


Jfy/o&b oa/aa/de; Steve Jt£artin/ 
Jfrlv&t improved: ^to/dne J/armore' 


Jfflo&t oa/aa/de.- %uicAer 
Jfda&b in?proved; tduia ffizzl 

jtieyan (jBieAers ia^/ 

($oy&' QBmAetaad 

Mos t oa/aa/de; ^.dl. dieid 

Jklo&t improved ; dlonnie d)onyer& 

&ir/s ' (iBa&Ae toa// 

Jf / Io&t' oa/ua/de/; tT.^. Wn/teAur&t> 

Jfy/a&t improved: 'Savanna A vBaocter- 


jfdo&t oa/aaJde; tdracey, ( ^poe 
Jldv&t improved; tdracaf J^oe; 


J(4o&b oa/au/de; Qjonna < d&zra& 
SC/eaz& Q)o/der 
Jftfo&t improved; fflaren dlxdndouw 

(jBoua' i-TracA ; 

Jwo&t oa/aa/de; Udomnuf d^aufias' 
Jkto&i> improved; ^poAnny ^uicAer- 
//rep dlemy 

//(r/s ' {dracAs 

Jltfehs t oa/udde; dteum &eora& 
Jfrto&t iuu>roved; $>ri dtrandva 


Mo&t oa/aa/de; We& Ward 
jfio®b improved; Scv-tv (oodin& 

//ir/s ' ' Joecer 

Jf£o&t oa/aa/de; &/iae dfi'du 

Jfy/vst iup^roved; Jt^aureen tdAouip&on/ 

120 /Sports 


Each year the coaches at KJHS are asked to select an athlete of the year based on the 
following criteria: the student played at least three school sports and excelled in each, he 
or she was cooperative and followed instructions, each was a leader of others in the sport, 
and represented our school well as an athlete and a student. Two athletes received this 
award on Awards Night which was held in May. 

T.J. Whitehurst demonstrated outstanding 
athletic ability during two years of participa- 
tion in KJHS sports. She was selected by 
Coach Munden as the most valuable offensive 
player on the 1981 field hockey team. Co- 
captain of the girls' basketball team, she led 
the team to the city championship. A skillful 
softball player, she has been a team member 
during both the 1981 and 1982 seasons. Be- 
cause of her superior athletic ability, her lead- 
ership of KJHS teams, and her outstanding 
performance in three sports, she has been 
selected by the coaches as Athlete of the 

Geoff Fout participated actively in KJHS 
sports during his two years of attendance at 
our school. He was a member of the football, 
basketball, and baseball teams. Geoff ex- 
hibited tremendous courage and sports- 
manship during his play at Kempsville Jr. As a 
ninth grade star, he demonstrated true lead- 
ership ability. Showing superior ability on 
offense, he led the Braves football team to a 
successful season. His basketball handling 
ability added strength to the backcourt during 
the winter sports season. Also an invaluable 
asset to the baseball team, he is deserving 
recipient of the high honor of Athlete of the 

Sports / 121 

The French dancers add to the Christmas Spirit at 

"^Student ftf" a£ tfZffdl/j consisted of 
eoerytniny tAat eacA oneofus/ did. typical 
dezy (oou/d s tart ayt> aAoutJ}:30 ^t. Jf£. as tAe 
studen/ty IhhAu/ of o ver /6t)0 Aarried to- tAeir 
AocAcrs to- coded 600 Ax tAat tAey ohhuW need 

jorjirs/t Ae/A. Jltfo&i students^ sAared AtcAers/ 
untA at /east one otAer fcrson adiicA 
comfAcated tAinys, sometisnes. Q$u/t> once; tAe 
rou tine tvas e&ta/disAed a A>cAer S/tof could Ae> 
made in fess tAeny ay minute . ^Students tAen/ 
"auucAdy " mooed tn\rouyA crowded ( Aczdurays>, 
sfeaAiny to^fiencA ana ^ A^oAmyJorfamdiar 

^fces/ as; tAey 'proceeded terfrst Aed. OTAe 6 or 
cAzsses tAat tAe S/tudentss tooA coero oery mucA 
a fart 1 of tAeir Af. f^arnmy new- tAiinys a/out 
eacA su/yeob um&> tAe mo&t imfortayit^yoal. ^Lb 
tAe same< time, tAe studesitx /earned to reActe 
to- tAe efferent fersonaAties of teacAerss and 
c/assmuites. ^is 6tA. Aed ended at S: 44 ^.M. 
everyone (oas more tAany ready to- cn\anae face 
cmdao in many directions . 'Some u>en/t ta cA/A 
mceti/iys, some to- atA/etic fraoteces/, some ta 
reAearse afAzy in t/te auditorium or to~fAzy any 
instrument in tAe /and room/, fffter tAe 
activities^ enacd tAe s^tndents^ (Chou/d t yu> Aorne ta 
frefzrefor ano-tAer day. 

f<f ast < d/ffdl>f tAisuear uhzs tAe &tudent&. 
WetAou t tAem tAe scAoo/ uxhucA Ac ay AadcAny 
(oitA no- Af, a frame untAou/t a/ ficture. 
c fidiet/teryoa mere an at/dete, a/ musician, any 
actor, orfust someone^ '& friend, ^yoa added to- 
tAe Af ofour scAoo/. you/ A>oA tArouyA 
tAis/ Aast seetiom of tAe year/wo A, rememAer 
tAa/b "it Aa/fened to- u& . " 





Sdt i& trad/t/oa a& tf£e/nft&w//e ( c fr. f/l/^/i to- &e/eot tA& bo/y caid 
y/r/ mz/mWo fate isi/ exif/t o/ f//e ca^eaaree& //a /ft/. &7u& /<ecwt/uze& 
a/'adi graders a ///A special ai£ere&t&, fadatx, or cA\iracteri&tic& 
f/ia/ maA& tAem/ &tand oa/t? a/moe ad o t/wrs. ($e/oa> are/ tA& 
ftu/arex of- tA& ananers/ and tA& namea of tA& ra/aar-aftV . &fi/ 
bzAa^fof- tA& stude/i/t/ /hh/u ate toou/d dA& to- coai/ra /a/a/e tAe&& 
jheofd&. jUiofymi/ are; "Safer Safteru^tiihe&'' W&Aofo tAat dak 
and be wawtAaay t/ai t (//d/ /a'/fyoa remember adail /aiffeaed 
to- ax . 


1 . Brenda Chasse and Robbie Larmore 1 . Brenda Chasse and Jimmy Raynor 

2. Karen Rabidoux and Scott Whittier 2. Jill Jamison and Alan Fontanares 

3. T.J. Whitehurst and Jimmy Raynor 3. Melissa Grehawick and Chuck Lisner 

124 /Student Life 



1 . Jill Jamison and Jimmy Raynor 1 . Mike Spitalney and Benita Asher 

2. Brenda Chasse and Robbie Larmore 2. Bill Murray and Brenda Chasse 

3. Kim Miller and Brian Cafritz 3. Alan Fontanares and Lara Idsinga 


1 . Robin Deloatche and Pete Catalano 1 . Mike Lawless and Christine Sell 

2. Sheila Page and Jimmy Raynor 2. Mike Spitalney and Colleen McFeely 

3. Kim Nelson and Chuck Leeper 3. Steve McCleaf and Beth Terray 

Student Life / 125 



1 . Karen Rabidoux and Robbie Larmore 1 . Kitty Palermo and Brian Cafritz 

2. Melissa Tosi and C.A. Dankmeyer 2. Robin Deloatche and Pete Catalano 

3. Sheila Page and Scott Whittier 3. Kim Nelson and John Williams 


1 . Scott Whittier and T.J. Whitehurst 1 . Paige Kelly and John Martinez 

2. Geoff Fout and Susannah Baxter 2. Kelly Gardner and Alan Fontanares 

3. Robbie Larmore and Lisa Zucker 3. Laura Liles and Greg Reynolds 

Student Life / 126 


Scott Depta, whose name has consistently been 
on the honor roll during his two years at KJHS, has 
been actively involved in extra-curricular student 
life. He is on the Debate Team, and has demon- 
strated skill and effectiveness while participating in 
that activity. He is also an outstanding member of 
the Advanced Band. He has shown leadership 
ability as President of the War Games Club. He is 
also a member of the Smoke Signals staff. Thor- 
oughly responsible and reliable, Scott was selected 
as a student member of the Curriculum Develop- 
ment and Assessment team for the city of Virginia 
Beach Public Schools. 

Brenda Chasse has attended KJHS during the 
past two years. She has served as a cheerleader for 
our school during both years. During 1 98 1 -82, she 
was a captain of the squad, providing leadership 
and an example of good sportsmanship. She is 
also a member of the National Junior Honor Soci- 
ety. She participated in the Science Fair in 1981, 
and served as President of the Science Club during 
her ninth grade year. In addition, she has partici- 
pated in SCA activities such as the student ex- 
change. A straight "A" student, Brenda enjoys 
music, painting, and jogging in her spare time. 

Sarah Silseth has attended KJHS for two years and 
has been active in school activities. She participated in 
the Science Fair during the eighth grade and received 
honorable mention. Sarah was selected for the Nation- 
al Junior Honor Society and was chosen as Vice- 
president of the club. She was active in the SCA for two 
years and participated in the student exchange both 
years. She was selected to be on the 1981-82 
Venture staff and held the position of Features Editor. 
Sarah also played field hockey and soccer while 
attending KJHS, lettering in both sports. While partici- 
pating in all these activities, she was also able to 
maintain grades to put her on the Principal's List 
almost every six weeks while at KJHS. 

Student Life / 1 27 


Alligators or safety pins? Vans, 
Top-siders, or metallic shoes? Knickers or 
Calvin Kleins? The Cars or Journey? No 
matter what you chose, you were part of a 
trend at KJHS. The preppy look, surfer 
clothes, video games, and blow pops in the 
gym were fads that entered the halls of our 
school this year. The variety of interests 
and styles of the people at KJHS added a 
lot of color to student life. 

That's no ordinary lollipop; it's a blow pop. 

Journey and DEVO represent two "in" types of music at KJHS 

128/ Student Life 

Add-a-bead necklaces grow longer as beads are "Save the Alligator, Eat a Preppy." 

added for special occasions. 

The Pac-Man craze swept through the halls of KJHS 
this year. 

Student Life / 129 


Barbara Sparks and Joni Swanberg sign their 
names to the "Graffeti Wall". 

1 30 / Student Life 

J@f& i& ct/ &erie& of- Ardors a/a/(joo{/d///ex and /oe're a/raid //a// ti>'& 
/i/aefor^ (/ood/>//e qe/ain . WAens to& &tanteds ' &cAool in deftrm/en, tAere 
UKZ& a /a/a/ road aAead ofags and /Ar end am& not //aites a/ rea///// . 
J flan// tAira/&//azoe Aoffe/ads/uee /Aea and /oe /aioe tried /o /Yf repeat 
a& manny of tAenv a& fo&sddes in //oar //ear/ooA. 

/f/dttira/ toe/etAen tAe " Venture " tooA/ aa/n// teo/ious Aoan&, eafe- 
cia//// araand deadAtw times/ (jre///aa/ a /32-f/a/e oooAs i& somrdAi/i// 
sfecia/jar twe/oe feofde to- do-. We; Aofe /Aa/ an?; /awe added tAat 
"mm&tAint/s <sfeeia/ , 'yor //on in die /p82 c IA ? /r///re. 

We Auzoe /earned tAast j/£ar6ooA& Aaoe meu/ical axu/& of- /n*inaUra/t 
/nzcAJa/torite j/€s£erdcu/& txr renund u& of-ad da// /a/A Aaffened. S// i& 
oar Aafe da// /Ae if 82 'Ventures and do- tAi&^/or //on. 

We ///o/dd /do /a ei/e/a/ oar deefex/ affreeia/iaa a/a/ </ra //'fades to 
mesJoUonMrup fbeofde/: 

. . . J//[r. //f/fferson Q)avis —fr Ais en^/H/ra^em£/vt and Am conference room . 

. . . A£r. /foAn /Scrri/ —for Am /ro/ess/ona/ advices. 

. . . Jf^tr. fynn iSfidtifs — for Ai& Ome and coo/era //on. 

. . . AUss Jfdcvy, //amide — for- Aer constants cam/>anionsAif, encoaraacment, eatrasAe// 

asts dead/incs, /tee/Hsu/ secre ts and fas t in/ not feast />roo/d- 
/ny transfortation. 

. . . Jl&. (oAaries Wray — < for- fending Ais Aoase, Ace/nng oar- sfirits af and tncreditde 


. . . Air. 6B0A (/Boa/A — for Aef/ing as oh/A o//r sc/iedafc and sa//or/i/i^ ideas. 
. . . Miss (Smma Scuuuer- — for Aef/ing as organize AooA sales and sa/o<iy//yr Mrs*. 

Wren/ s /aor iooAAee/in^. 

. . . J/ir. &bAycnroni and Steoe idasanaro —/or Ae/faa/ as an /A /Ao/o</ra/A// and fast 

mfnate deoeto/ings. 

W//Aout< tAe Aefo of t/i£se /*o/de , jfoar //carfooAs coaAf not Aaves "Aa/f/iened". 

tdAanAs j/oas, 

cTA& '82 Ventures Staff 

132/ Student Life 

3 mvnQ 

y k&yrtSL 


/^Wlo^ Ml jS± 

B-rc 5-f ; (I Mic^^cDr^^ /^W 
5rc v/9 oo^r - -the t>ur>i 

-9^ . 

a1 I J • Winston-Salem / r 7 -— ^ ^ J 


«j| I • North Carolina > \ "<L | 

John G. Perry, Saluda, Virginia 

Tj. , . J ' AJUL «^ 



Cs e 

judder 'Ll AIlvo^^mu- 


|| |H QCc^ -3- -m^ jucko >fuyl 

Coup . titouu "^3oTYe^l